Tremendous and Fanciful Adam Levine Tattoo

Adam Levine recently revealed that he has a new tattoo on his right leg. It’s an intricate Japanese-inspired design that took over 13 hours to complete. In August 2021, he went to Tattoo artist Bill Canales to get the design done. The artist will now work for the next two months to complete the artwork.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Adam Levine’s Sacred Heart of Christ tattoo is a tribute to his late mother. The Tattoo extends from the shoulder to the wrist and is inked in blackwork. Originally a sunflower-like design, it has since evolved into a full sleeve, complete with a central eye, and intricate blackwork.

The tattoo covers up the singer’s previous back Tattoos and was inked over six months by tattoo artist Bryan Randolph. The piece was created in the black American traditional style and took over sixty hours to complete. Adam Levine has several other tattoos, including a Tattoo of a mysterious woman and a lion.

Levine is a talented guitarist and singer. He also has a tattoo that features an eagle, which he said he found endearing, and a shark. Levine says he doesn’t fear sharks, but he does love them.

Adam Levine has 31 Tattoos in all, ranging from tiny words to large graphics. Some of the artistry on his skin reflects his life and influences. Some tattoos are meant to honor his mother. In addition to being beautiful, his tattoos have great meaning.

Golden Poppy

Adam Levine has a colorful tattoo on his back. The Tattoo features an intricate scene around the mermaid, crashing waves, a lost ship, and swallows. Levine’s tattoo also pays tribute to California, where he was born and raised. It is also reminiscent of the state’s symbol, the Golden Poppy.

While his tattoo may have symbolic meanings, it is important not to interpret it literally. He told People magazine that he didn’t want people to read into his tattoos. He simply wants to have a tattoo that represents his love for his home state. Adam Levine’s tattoo isn’t the only one. Several of his fans also have home state tattoos on their bodies.

The singer has steadily added to his tattoo collection over the years. He debuted his latest oversized piece in Montecito, California, with his model wife, Behati Prinsloo. Both wore a white T-shirt and blue loose-fitting Gucci shorts with red and green stripes.

The Golden Poppy tattoo isn’t the only golden poppy on the front man of Maroon 5. Adam’s chin, back, and chin are also covered by other golden poppies. The tattoos are symbolic in nature, commemorating events in his life and music.


Adam Levine has several tattoos on his body. Among these are a crouching tiger on his right elbow, a Roman numeral 10 on his left bicep, and a guitar. He also has a tattoo of “222,” the studio number where Maroon 5 recorded their debut album.

The tattoos are very detailed and the position is perfect. The guitar is in perfect proportion to the singer’s pecs. Another tattoo is a dove and cherry blossoms on Levine’s left bicep, which are a tribute to his mother. The words “Family” and “Seven” are also inked on the rocker’s upper bicep.

While tattoos are not strictly for fashion purposes, they can be an important element of Adam Levine’s style. The singer has changed up his look several times, wearing pink hairdos, buzz cuts, and mohawks. His tattoos are unique and show his personal taste and individuality.

Adam Levine’s tattoos are a reflection of his passion for music. He has a large guitar on his left forearm and a tiger on his right arm. The tattoos were done by his favorite tattoo artist, Bryan Randolph. The original design featured a drawing of a Victoria’s Secret model. The guitar also bears the name of the singer’s former pet, Dusty Rose.

“True Love”

Adam Levine has an ink that says “True Love” on his knuckles. The tattoo was designed by Cali-based tattoo artist Bryan Randolph. Levine got the tattoo to promote his brand Calirosa Tequila. The artist took three days to complete the design.

The singer also has numerous tattoos across his body. His largest tattoo depicts a mermaid holding a skull. The mermaid tattoo was created by tattoo artist Bryan Randolph and took six months to complete. “California” is also on Adam’s back, and “L.A.” is tattooed on his torso. “True Love” is also tattooed on his hands and fingers.

Adam Levine’s tattoo shows his love for his wife, Behati Prinsloo. It’s a declaration of his devotion to his wife and their daughters Dusty Rose and Gio Grace. Levine posted a picture of his tattoo on Instagram. He captioned it, “It’s a love worth holding onto.”

The tattoo was designed by Bryan Randolph, a tattoo artist in California. He also has a wedding band across a “V,” which is the band’s name. The singer has a total of thirty pieces of ink on his body. The tattooed singer has gained fame by being named the “Sexiest Man Alive” by PEOPLE in November 2013. He said he never thought he would win the award, but that it was a great experience.


Adam Levine’s body ink is extensive and some of it is quite meaningful. In the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks, the singer went public with his ink, revealing a Dove tattoo on his upper left bicep. He got the tattoo five days after the attacks. The tattoo is also a tribute to the victims of September 11th.

The singer was recently named the Sexiest Man Alive, and this is not the first time he’s gone for the tattoo. He got his first tattoo at age 21 – a dove on his upper left biceps. A recent Instagram Story photo of Levine sporting his tattoo sparked a stir. However, the singer later clarified the tattoo was not real.

Adam Levine’s tattoo is a work of art. The singer went to a tattoo artist named Bryan Randolph to get the tattoo done. He originally wanted a drawing of a Victoria’s Secret model, and a dog paw with his former pet’s name on it.

The singer’s tattoo represents true love. In addition to the Dove, he also has a shark tattoo on his shoulder. Although the tattoo is very large, the singer doesn’t regret it. He’s an amazing singer, and a killer guitarist, too!

Cherry blossom

Adam Levine’s Cherry blossom tattoo is one of his most impressive tattoos. Not only does it feature a beautiful cherry blossom, but it also features a dove. He got this tattoo to honor those who died on 9/11. In addition, he also has a guitar tattoo on his left forearm. The musician is also a huge animal lover, and he has a tattoo of a tiger on his right shoulder.

His tattoo is a tribute to his mother, and it also honors the 9/11 victims. Adam Levine also has a tattoo of a shark on his ribcage. The tattoo also has a piece of lettering on it. However, it is unclear whether Adam Levine got this tattoo before or after the 9/11 tragedies.

A second tattoo on his left arm is a Sacred Heart. The heart is blackworked and represents the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Two other delicate flowers are inked on Levine’s neck. The Golden Poppy is the state flower of California.


Adam Levine has added a new tattoo to his body. A butterfly with a spiderweb on its wings is tattooed on the singer’s neck. The singer’s new ink is visible in a photo posted by Behati Prinsloo on her Instagram Story. The singer has been slowly tattooing his body with tats.

Tattoos are becoming a more popular way for celebrities to get ink. Adam Levine, whose bandmates have tattoos all over them, has been getting ink for the last five years. His Spiderweb tattoo is a tribute to his love of the internet and the power of tattoos. It took him 13 hours to get it done.

Levine has more than 30 tattoos, including a spiderweb tattoo and a butterfly on his neck. He also has a giant rose on his left shoulder and a sun surrounded by flowers on his right shoulder. Another tattoo on Levine’s body is a winged mermaid holding a skull. Besides his Spiderweb tattoo, he also has a heart with the word “Mom.”

The Spiderweb tattoo is one of the most prominent tattoos on the singer’s body, and it’s visible and stands out in the crowd. The design is intricate and looks great on Levine’s neck. Besides being a tattoo, the singer also dyed his hair a light blue. You can see it on his Instagram Stories. The singer is known for wearing a lot of different hairstyles, and this one is no exception.

Adam Levine Tattoos – What Are His Tattoos’ Meanings?

Adam Levine is a rocker who got many tattoos over the years. These include tributes to his hometown, music, and his wife. He recently performed with Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl halftime show. But what are his tattoos’ meanings? Here are a few examples.

Adam Levine’s tattoos are a tribute to his love of music

Adam Levine has a large number of tattoos on his body, some of which have deeper meanings than others. One of the tattoos on his back features a mermaid, surrounded by a scene with crashing waves and a lost ship. Another tattoo on his neck depicts the word “Family” in Sanskrit. This tattoo was acquired five days after the attacks on 9/11.

Tattoos on Adam Levine’s body show his appreciation for old-school tattoo designs and blackwork, and he has several of these on his lower torso. Other tattoos on his body include a ferocious lion and a tribal-inspired butterfly. Regardless of where he gets his ink, it’s clear that the artist loves music!

Tattoos are popular amongst celebrities, and Adam Levine’s facial ink is no different. He is said to have gotten the tattoo in honor of his girlfriend, Behati Prinsloo. In addition to tattoos on his body, he also has a tattoo on his biceps that says “You’re so cool” three times.

Adam Levine’s tattoos reflect his love of music and his rugged personality. Two of them depict his mother and are a tribute to his musical heritage. He also got a tattoo of a tiger on his right arm. The tiger was inspired by a Tibetan drawing book. Previously, Adam Levine played lead guitar for a band called Kara Flowers.

Adam Levine has many tattoos dedicated to his music. Most of them are on his arms and legs. He is a singer and songwriter, and has accumulated as many as 31 tattoos on his body. Many of them have deep meanings. He has a tattoo on his neck, a tattoo on his right hand, and a tattoo on his abdomen.

They are a tribute to his wife

Adam Levine’s tattoos pay tribute to his wife Behati Prinsloo. On his hands, he has the words “TRUE LOVE” inked. His tattoo on his back is a representation of a mermaid holding a skull. It took a tattoo artist six months to complete. Another tattoo on his back depicts a medieval sea legend.

Adam Levine and his wife Behati Prinsloo have two children together, Dusty Rose and Apollo. The couple got matching tattoos to commemorate their wedding. Adam hopes his daughter Dusty won’t follow suit when she’s older.

Adam Levine’s tattoos are incredibly detailed. One shows an intricate design with a flower and a flock of swallows. The tattoo is so old-school that many people mistake it for BRO. Upon closer inspection, the tattoo is actually a tribute to his wife and daughter. It includes their middle name and last name, as well as a couple of other words.

Tattoos are the ultimate way to express love. And Levine and Prinsloo have several tattoos to show their devotion to each other. His first tattoo is of a dove on his shoulder, which he got after the 9/11 attacks. Other tattoos on his body include a lion and cherub. And inked on his hand are traditional Tibetan drawings and the words “Love is True” and “True Love” (a cherub).

Another popular tattoo on Adam Levine is the word “California.” He has a tattoo of the state of California on his left arm. He’s also got the city of Los Angeles tattooed on his right bicep. Some of his fans have gotten the same name on their tattoos. The star has become a tattoo craze following his Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Adam Levine’s tattoos are mainly tributes to his wife. He has multiple tattoos of her name on his body. These tattoos represent various moments in his life and are a personal expression of his love. These tattoos are a testament to his love for his wife and are a beautiful tribute to her.

In addition to the tattoo of his wife, Adam Levine has several other tattoos on his body. One of his favorite tattoo artists, Bryan Randolph, did the work for him. Levine’s wife, Behati Prinsloo, has a similar tattoo on her arm.

They are a tribute to his hometown

The singer has tattoos in tribute to his hometown. He got a tiger tattoo on his right arm and a shark tattoo on his side. He may get a full sleeve on his right arm soon. He’s also been known to wear pink hair.

Adam Levine has many tattoos on his body, and they show his love for blackwork and old-school tattoo design. Most of his tattoos are located on his lower torso and include a mysterious woman, a ferocious lion, and a tribal-inspired butterfly.

The star also got a tribute to his hometown in an etching on his arm. The tattoo was done by a local artist named P. Graybill, who hails from Coatesville, Pa. Levine’s tattoos are an homage to his hometown, as he was born and raised in this city.

Adam Levine is a native Angeleno, and he’s proud of it. His tattoos have a meaning that goes deeper than just his hometown. Many of his tattoos are tributes to places he loves, such as the Los Angeles Clippers, Blink-182, and Maroon 5. While some may consider this an insensitive display of love, Adam Levine’s tattoos are a tribute to his hometown.

Tattoos are a symbol of loyalty, and Levine has one on his back. In October 2021, he showed off his new tattoo by tagging his tattoo artist. It also has a message from a wise man. The singer has numerous other tattoos that symbolize his personal beliefs.

The singer revealed his newest tattoo on the red carpet. He was out with wife Behati Prinsloo in Miami when he sported his new tattoo. It’s a black rose on his left temple. The rose on his face probably symbolizes his new rose-colored tequila.

They are a tribute to his new tequila

It looks like Adam Levine’s new tattoos are tributes to his new tequila brand. The singer, who debuted the tattoos on Instagram Stories on Wednesday, has a rose tattoo on his temple. It’s not permanent, but it does extend from his temple to his cheekbone.

The singer’s tat is a tribute to his new tequla brand, Calirosa. The musician’s tattoo artist Bill Canales is the artist who created the tattoo. The tattoo artist took 13 hours to complete the design.

The singer and wife Behati Prinsloo were seen posing for a photo. Behati Prinsloo was wearing a sheer top with a shiny black mini skirt and purple high heels. The couple were at the Intel and Lenovo Yoga AD100 party, which was also attended by Pharrell Williams, Troye Sivan, and others. The singer also recently added some body art to his biceps.

Adam Levine has many tattoos on his body. He’s been revealing new tattoos to his fans at every opportunity, so his fans are getting used to it. He also has a large rose tattoo on his face.

The singer has tattoos on his face and body, but this time he showed off a rose design on his left temple. His tattoo is a tribute to the new tequila called Calirosa. He and his wife Behati Prinsloo appeared at an AD100 party during Miami’s Art Basel.

Adam Levine is not the first person to get a tattoo. He’s also got a butterfly on his neck in October. The singer credited tattoo artist Nathan Kostechko with the idea. He spent 13 hours getting the tattoo done.

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