Angel Holding a Rose Tattoo

Angels are the protectors of Heaven.  And are always available for those they hold dear.  They bestow blessings to make their life better.  And guide in personal pursuits.

A tattoo with an angel holding a rose.  It is the perfect way to show off your spiritual side.  It will encourage you to remain hopeful even during difficult times.

1.  Cherub Holding a Rose

Roses have long been a beloved choice for tattoos.  It’s due to their historical significance.  These flowers symbolize passion and affection.  It makes them an apt choice for many Tattoo designs.

This exquisite artwork depicts a cherub holding a rose.  It symbolizes life’s yin and yang aspects.

The cherub features a heart-shaped head to symbolize the wearer’s feminine side.  Its surrounding flowers give it an adorable.  And realistic appearance.

Cherubs are also referred to as baby angels.  It symbolizes protection and faith.  They can also convey hope, unconditional love, and endless affection.

2.  Cherub Holding a Gun

Cherub tattoos are a widely beloved body ink design for both men and women.  These sweet angels often symbolize hope and good luck.

Tattoos are also often chosen by those who wish to honor a loved one.  Or someone they know in heaven.  They serve as a symbol of defiance against life’s difficulties.  And as reminders to stay strong and brave through difficult circumstances.

This gangster angel tattoo is ideal for those seeking a cute yet edgy design.  The cherub holds an AK47.  And wears a full-face mask.  Adds to its adorable factor.  The wings also feature shading work, enhancing its realistic look.

3.  Cherub Relaxing on a Rose

Cherubs are a beloved body art piece.  They come in an array of designs.  And symbolize deep emotions.

This cherub is relaxing on a rose Tattoo.  It is an excellent way to show your quiet side.  It also symbolizes that you should remain strong.  No matter what comes your way in life.

This depiction of a cherub sitting atop.  A flower conveys that the wearer is romantic.  And enjoys spending time with their closest ones.

A cherub holding a gun is an intriguing sight to behold.  The cherub symbolizes love.  The gun symbolizes violence.

4.  Cherub Striking an Arrow Down

Jewish, Christian, and Islamic literature refers to cherubim as celestial winged beings with human or animal.  Or birdlike characteristics.  They play a significant role in liturgical celebrations.  And intercessory prayers within the hierarchy of angels.

These magnificent angels are known for their four faces.  Scholars believe each face represents one of God’s attributes.

In the Bible, cherubim were assigned to guard Eden against Adam and Eve’s sinfulness.

5.  Cherub Relaxing on a Cloud

The angels described in the Bible did not look like humans.  They had four faces.  And wings with bull hooves for feet.  That shone like polished brass.

Cherubs were also known as messengers and protectors.  These beings had an intimate connection to God.  And served as messengers and guided mankind.

Some people choose to have cherub Tattoo on their chests.  Or backs as a reminder of their connection to the divine.  Others use them as symbols representing an earth-to-heaven connection.

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