Aquarius Tattoo – The Symbol of Water

Aquarius is the third sign of the zodiac.   And known for its eccentric personality and keen sense of beauty.  This sign also has an eye for artistic expression and expression through music or painting.

Its iconic symbol is the ‘water bearer’ – an urn overflowing with water.  These symbols are seen as imparting knowledge to the world through their artistic creations.

The water-bearer

The Aquarius constellation lies between Pisces, Cetus, and Eridanus.  According to NASA’s Skygazing website, early astronomers associated these stars with water in a heavenly sea; hence its name: “Water-bearer.”

Finding Aquarius can be tricky due to the lack of bright stars here.  To properly observe this constellation, you need a dark sky and the best time.  October is the best time when the stars are at their brightest.

Aquarius has an asterism known as the Water Jar.  This constellation can be seen in dark skies and appears like a cascading stream of faint stars.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus.  This planet encourages them to break out of their shells and think outside the box.  While this erratic energy may be destabilizing at times, it also adds dimension to their personality.

These daring and creative individuals are the rebels of the zodiac.  Not only are they sarcastic and contrary.  But they also believe in equality and fairness.

Their stubbornness often stems from their strong conviction.  But they quickly learn how to temper it when presented with opportunities for change.  Because of this tenacity, they appreciate teamwork and being part of communities.

Aquarius may have some pessimistic views about the future.  But they tend to be very optimistic about humanity and want to make a positive impact on society.  As long as they have an encouraging community around them, Aquarius will gladly lend a helping hand when needed.

The zig-zags

Zing-zags are often depicted as a sign of Aquarius, representing air.  A cool breeze, draft from a fire, or even the zig-zag motion of a dragonfly all exhibit this element.

A zig-zag pattern has a symbolic meaning, often representing change and the ability to rethink one’s position on an issue.  Derived from Old English “zig,” this word means to move back and forth or “through.”

Rebirth, renewal and empowerment are all associated with it.  Furthermore, the bird symbolizes freedom and independence.

Zigzags come in many different forms, from the small and cuddly to larger designs.  If you’re searching for a minimalist tattoo design these stunning zigzag lines in wave patterns might be your perfect match!

Another popular Tattoo design featuring zig-zags is a vase of water.  This jug has an eye-catching blue color and lots of splashing waves.

The waves symbolize air, another important element for Aquarians.  Air is often associated with freedom and creativity.

This neck piece is the perfect way to honor Aquarius, the water bearer.  The two vases of water mirror one another but their symmetry is broken by the amorphism.  It’s an exquisite design that looks great on wrists, arms or necks alike.

The air

Astrology consists of four elements.  1.  fire, 2.  water, 3.  earth, and 4.  air and each sign of the zodiac is linked to one.  Air signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are thinkers who move quickly through life without stopping to think or take a breath.

When they’re angry, however, they become even more serious.  They can be the scariest people you’ll ever meet.  Smarty pants who lead with intellect rather than emotion often lead to cold-hearted decisions.  And social interactions tend to be limited, yet they tend to be well-liked by most of those around them.

They possess an inquisitive nature and enjoy learning about new topics.  This curiosity often shows up in their relationships with others.  They tend to understand the other person’s viewpoint better.

Furthermore, air signs tend to be very tolerant and accepting of people from different backgrounds.  Making them an invaluable addition to any relationship!  It truly can be a blessing to have an air sign in your life!

Mercury in Aquarius natives tend to be unruly rebels who enjoy breaking the rules.  While they can be unpredictable and annoying at times.  They’re quite entertaining when not acting up!  Their witty, sarcastic ways make for excellent entertainment; though not loud or flamboyant in nature.  They love to surprise people with subtle yet profound statements.

The earth

Aquarius, the eleventh zodiac sign, symbolizes water.  People born between January 21 and February 19 fall under this astrological sign and tend to be inquisitive, quick-witted, or both.

Aquarius Tattoos typically show a woman or man carrying a pot of water.  Sometimes, the jar may even be spilling over. Symbolizing Aquarius’ commitment to spreading food and life around.

If you don’t care for traditional symbols, an Aquarius tattoo can still express your individual style.  For instance, this minimalist design combines the water-bearer and its glyph in an eye-catching geometric design.

This Tattoo also emphasizes the water-bearer’s generous nature. Emphasizing her willingness to share what little they have with those closest to them.  That can be an attractive and meaningful way to demonstrate your own generosity helping you stand out from others.

Water-bearer generosity is a cornerstone of Aquarius culture. It is only fitting that she would want this symbol on her body.

Another popular symbol for Aquarius is a vase of water.  Symbolizing their curious nature and willingness to share.  This vase can be designed in any style.   But usually features either the Aquarius glyph or constellation of stars as symbolic representation of an Aquarius star sign.

The vase of water

The vase of water is not only a vessel for holding flowers. It is also symbolic of water itself.  Many ancient cultures, particularly Egypt, would use special vessels to hold ritually purified water for their dead.  Commonly referred to as hes-vases, these vessels served as tomb offerings so the deceased could keep their bodies clean.

To maximize a flower’s life. it is essential to use clean, fresh water.   Regularly changing the water in a vase helps prevent them from getting slimy and cloudy.

One way to prevent this is to cut each flower and foliage piece at an angle before placing them in a vase.  Doing this allows more of the stem surface area in contact with water, encouraging absorption while keeping your arrangement fresh.

Another way to extend the vase life of your flowers is by placing a rubber band around each group of flower stems.  About half an inch from their ends and then inserting a fishing weight inside.  This will prevent them from floating away in water which could cause them to rot.  You could also add some drops of bleach or copper penny into the water in the vase in order to kill any bacteria present.


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