Arizona City Tattoo

Tattoos are an intensely personal expression of a person’s style and culture.  They can convey messages about one’s history, heritage and love.  Or other significant details.

Tattooing is a form of free speech protected by the First Amendment.  And can only be curtailed through laws and reasonable time and manner restrictions.

Anthony Michaels

Anthony Michaels, a tattoo artist from Arizona.  Achieved international success after winning Spike’s Ink Master competition in 2016.  Now one of the most renowned tattooists on Instagram.  And featured on numerous websites.  Anthony has succeeded through his art.

Before winning Ink Master, he worked as a tattoo artist at Metro Tattoo in Tucson.  A skilled technician, his 10 years of expertise make him an invaluable asset to any Tattoo design design.

He is passionate about art and loves it.  And creating vibrant Tattoo that express his style.  His designs often feature black and gray elements.  And New School influences.  But he also dabbles in color.

His current store is Twenty-Five Twelve Collective in Tucson, Arizona.  It can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and the company website.

Though he has plenty of tasks to accomplish after his Ink Master victory, his priorities remain unchanged.  A father with multiple family commitments taking up much of his time.  He remains humble about his talent.  And enjoys improving people’s lives.

Kyle Rockey

Arizona is the most affluent city in the Southwest US.  Boasts many impressive establishments.  Golden Rule Tattoo has stood alone as one of Arizona’s top-rated shops for seven consecutive years.  And boasts one of the industry’s most talented and experienced staff.  Their experienced masters – some of who have been around since ancient times.  Will take you from concept to completion using state-of-the-art equipment with excellent results.  Golden Rule Tattoo is an inspiring source for aspiring artists with its top-of-the-art facilities.  And top-quality services.

Golden Rule Tattoo

Established in 2007, Golden Rule Tattoo is one of Arizona’s premier tattoo studios.  Their artists are all trained in sterilization procedures.  And bloodborne pathogens.  Guaranteeing your safety throughout every step of the process.

Golden Rule’s welcoming atmosphere is set by a bright “We’re nice” sign.  The team here is accommodating.  And will ensure you receive the highest quality tattoo.

They offer an array of tattoo styles, such as traditional American, blackwork, Japanese and Polynesian.  Additionally, you can have a custom design created just for you.

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