Ashanti Tattoos: What Are the Most Common African Symbols?

Ashanti, an R&B singer for over two decades, continues to impress with her many hits. She remains unstoppable.

She has amassed an adoring fan base. Many have paid their respects by getting Tattoos in her honor.

African Lion

The African Lion is a powerful symbol of strength and wisdom. It is often chosen by those looking to connect to their African roots.

The lion is a large felid from the Panthera leo species native to Africa and India. Male lions tend to be larger than females. They possess an impressive mane.

These majestic felines typically congregate in groups known as pride. They are usually composed of related females and their cubs. Dominant males fight fiercely to retain breeding rights. The roar of a lion can be heard up to five miles away. It is truly magnificent!

African Mask

Masks are worn in African cultures for various rituals, celebrations, initiations, and protection. They are worn for protection during times of difficulty. They may also be employed during war preparation. They are used to appease gods for peace and safety.

They often depict the spirits of animals, ancestors, mythological heroes, or moral values. The ” shamans ” are often depicted as beings of moral values. Carved from wood and painted, these statues often portray a composite face. The composite face is composed of features from several animals.

Twiga (Giraffe)

The Twiga (Giraffe) is one of Africa’s most iconic animals. Standing 8 feet tall, it stands out with its long legs and neck. It can run up to 35 miles an hour over short distances.

Giraffes are easily identified by their distinctive patterns of spots. These patterns allow them to blend in with surrounding grasslands and avoid predators. In Tanzania, giraffes can be found in several national parks.

GCF has installed ossi-units in over 115 giraffes across six countries. The giraffes are part of an international initiative called the Twiga Tracker to monitor their movements and health.

Funtu (Siamese Crocodiles)

The Siamese crocodile is one of the world’s most endangered reptiles. It once spanned southwest Asia. It is now only found in scattered populations in Indonesia, Lao PDR, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Crocs are easily identified by their prominent bony crests behind each eye on the back of their heads. Their olive green coloring helps them blend in with their jungle habitat. They also provide camouflage in open areas.

Crocodiles are almost extinct in the wild, yet their skin has become highly sought-after. This has led to the establishment of many crocodile farms for production.

Ngwena (Menacing Crocodile)

The Nile crocodile is one of Africa’s most dangerous predators. It boasts one of the strongest bites in all of animal history. It can easily take down an adult human with ease.

Crocodiles are semi-aquatic reptiles with clawed feet and webbed hind feet. They have webbed hind feet that enable them to run and swim. Furthermore, their noteworthy transparent third eyelids protect their eyes when swimming.

Their lacrimal glands secrete a fluid behind their third eyelid. This fluid helps clean their eyes and reduce bacteria. Additionally, this water serves as a lubricant and aids in producing tears.

Ankh Cross

The Ankh Cross, also known as the Crux Ansata, was a widely beloved symbol in ancient Egypt. Coptic Christians later altered its shape into their version of a cross with a loop at its top. It has since been adopted by cultures worldwide.

The Ankh symbol is often linked with fertility and resurrection. It has other symbolic meanings. For instance, some view it as a window into the afterlife or as a representation of the sun.

Akoben Vuvuzela

The Akoben Vuvuzela is an Adinkra symbol from West Africa that represents vigilance and loyalty to one’s nation. This Adinkra design depicts a war horn used to summon soldiers onto the battlefield and connotes hope and foresight. It symbolizes being able to anticipate what comes next. Popular among Ashanti Tattoo designs, the Akoben is a Tattoo that is a symbol of African culture. It is perfect for African women looking to display their affinity for the African culture.


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