Aztec Owl Tattoo Designs

Are you searching for an eye-catching Tattoo design?  Aztec owl tattoo designs are sure to please.  These symbols carry profound meaning.  And can be an excellent way to display cultural pride.

This design is a popular choice for both women and men.  Who wants to show their enthusiasm for the culture.  You can display it on your sleeve, back or anywhere else.


Owl tattoos are a common choice.  And feature other animal or symbol designs or symbols.  Not only can they symbolize wisdom and experience.  But nocturnal animals also make great tattoo subjects for those who appreciate them.

They can be ideal for those who want to show enthusiasm.  Or willingness to learn new things.  Girls and women often opt for them as cute additions to their tats.

Owls can be a symbol of wisdom and experience.  And an encouraging sign.  Unfortunately, they also carry an associated risk of bad luck or death.  Some African cultures even believe hearing an owl hoot indicates someone will die soon.


Owls are a popular tattoo design.  It’s due to their forward-facing eyes and nocturnal nature.  There are many reasons why owls have become so popular over time.

Secondly, they symbolize wisdom and experience.  Lastly, they stand as a great testament to strength and courage.

Aztec owl tattoos convey various messages.  It’s from religious to personal beliefs.  These designs allow you to express yourself.  And showcase your style.

Some of the most sought-after Aztec bird Tattoo include the feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl.  And the Aztec calendar.  All stunning designs will surely appeal to those who appreciate ancient cultures.


Aztecs followed a calendar system.  That tracked the sun and earth’s movement.  It consisted of two cycles, an annual 365-day cycle called xiuhpohualli.  And a 260-day ritual cycle known as tonalpohualli.

The Aztec calendar commemorated significant dates like birthdays, marriages, and death.  It served as a powerful symbol of strength and leadership.

An Aztec calendar Tattoo is an excellent way to show your support for the culture.  It also symbolizes eternity.  And provides comfort in uncertain times.


Skulls are an iconic element and symbolize happiness, courage, rebirth and fertility.

The Aztec culture associated them with the sun.  Furthermore, they adorned warriors who were seen as embodiments of honor and bravery.

The Quetzalcoatl, a feathered serpent, was believed to embody wisdom and knowledge.  Show your respect for this powerful sun deity with an Aztec Tattoo featuring this symbol.

Calendars are another recurring symbol in this culture.  It’s commemorating time and celebrating victories.  They resembled large discs with characters.  And patterns uniting at the center where the sun is said to shine.  This design often comes with feathers.  Or other decorations for added flair – perfect for your sleeves, chest, or back!

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