Badass Face Tattoos

A face tattoo is a definitive and powerful statement.  It symbolizes your style, rebellion, and desire for attention.

Badass tattoos often feature large-scale images.  Or intricate plotlines that draw the eye.  Furthermore, these designs tend to be bold and textured.  It makes them stand out in a crowd.

1.  Black & White Face Tattoo

Black and white face Tattoos are a bold style choice.  That will turn heads wherever you go.  This design is popular among both men and women alike.   They’re also an effective way to make small.  Or intricate tattoos appear bolder.

2.  The Year of Birth Face Tattoo

Tattooing on one’s face is nothing new.  But it has undoubtedly gained momentum in the 21st century.  Some high-profile celebs have taken part, including Cardi B, who got two red letters Tattooed on her body.  Others have gone all out with complete face makeovers from professional tattooists.  Some prefer more subdued designs.   Others have gone all in!

Let’s look at some of the more creative and daring Tattoos.  Inspired by artists such as Lil Xan and Post Malone.

3.  Symbolic Face Tattoo

A symbol can be an essential element in a face tattoo design.  It could symbolize something you believe in.

Symbols can also be tailored in various ways to make them more memorable.  For instance, a flower may symbolize many things in someone’s life.

Monograms can be used as memorial Tattoos.  Or to honor someone you truly cherish.

Some opt for a small initial or quote with special meaning as part of their face Tattoo design.  This can be an excellent option for creating an eye-catching design.  That looks beautiful and meaningful at the same time.

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