Birthday Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are entertaining.  And a simple way to dress up glasses, plates, and napkin rings.  And other items for birthday parties and events.  Additionally, temporary Tattoos make great free promotional swag at tradeshows and festivals.

Unicorn Rainbow Tattoos

Are you planning a birthday party for the kids?  They’ll adore these rainbow unicorn tattoos.  These non-toxic ink designs can be worn all day and night.  And even when playing outdoors or at the beach!

These Tattoos feature prancing white unicorns with pink hooves and ears.  The multi-colored hair with pink and purple.  And yellow streaks add a whimsical touch to your birthday party.  Plus, the reusable unicorn straws make great party favors!  Get your order of unicorns.  And temporary rainbow tattoos today.  Remember to check out all our other themed birthday supplies too!

Bearded Pirate Tattoos

Host an under-the-sea-themed birthday party.  It makes your little pirate feel like a true captain.  Stock up on some fun tattoos and eye patches.  And beards to get them in character.  They can all participate in energetic pirate games!  These delightful temporary Tattoos feature vibrantly colored designs embellished with shiny gold foil.  Perfect party favors adding to party bags whether hosting a mermaid or under-the-sea-themed celebration!

Remember, tattoos are especially vulnerable to sun damage.  Always use sunscreen before going outdoors.  No matter how sunny.  Additionally, moisturize your skin daily to prevent dryness.  And flakiness that could negatively affect the tatted area.

Jawsome Tattoos

These shark-themed tattoos are fun.  And easy to apply – and remove!  These temporary tattoos are the glamorous cousin of skin-safe, sweat-proof stickers.  An excellent addition to a child’s special day, these temporary tattoos are non-toxic.  Ideal for kids’ sensitivities to chemicals or dyes!  Our temporary shark tattoos come in two sheets.  With these enticingly shaped designs and glittery colors, you’re prepared for any shark-themed party!

Space Tattoos

Birthday temporary tattoos can be an excellent way to add a unique touch to any party.  Not only are they easy to apply and long-lasting.  But they also come in numerous designs.  Plus, since these temporary tattoos are non-toxic.  And safe for kids of all ages to wear.  They make ideal party favors. Or prizes at birthday events.  Plus, space-themed birthday costumes look fantastic with these cool tattoos attached!  They’re sure to be a hit with every child attending!

Stars are an enduring symbol of hope and guidance.  And even wish fulfillment.  They can represent a single star.  Or the moon in different phases.  For instance, a waning design often symbolizes feelings of release and transition.  A full moon represents something genuinely miraculous and transformative.

Star and Moon Tattoos

Moon and stars hold a special place in the hearts of people from all backgrounds.  Some choose these symbols to honor their astrological sign.  Others use them to express their admiration of the night sky.

Women often associate with the moon.  And stars with femininity, fertility, and growth.  Additionally, this symbolism can be ideal for those drawn to occultism or witchcraft. Or alternative tattooing styles.

This tattoo features a long crescent moon with black art at each end.  It adds texture and dimension.  The artist used to line.  And dot work techniques to craft this intricate mountain moon tattoo.

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