Braided Bracelet Tattoos

Bracelet tattoos offer an eye-catching way to add permanent jewelry to your wrist.  Designs can range from subtle, bold, simple, or intricate.

Bracelets can be a memento of an important place.  Or the time in one’s life.  You can even link multiple motifs to form an intricate bracelet tattoo design.

Ink wash

Braided bracelet Tattoos are an eye-catching way.  To show off your new ink.  They can range in size and design.  It offers a range of colors and styles.

The great news is you don’t need to be an expert to achieve this look.  Several pre-mixed grey wash tattoo inks are available on the market.  You might make it convenient for both novices.  And seasoned pros alike.


Dragon tattoos are popular, representing wisdom, fearlessness, and protection.  They can be illustrated in various styles.  And colors for a compelling statement.

This Japanese dragon tattoo boasts vibrant colors and detailed scales.  The Tattoo design design is completed with flowers.   An intricate shade work for an enchanting, regal, captivating look.


Watercolor Tattoos are an increasingly popular way to show your artistic side.  Depending on the artist’s skill level, they can range in intensity from bright.  And bold to softer and more delicate.

These watercolor Tattoos have made a significant impression on social media.  And there will likely be no letup anytime soon.  Check out some of the best examples from around the web below.


Roses are a widely beloved flower choice for Tattoos.  Not only do they come in an array of colors.  But their meanings go far beyond simple love and aesthetic appeal.

A rose in bloom can symbolize feelings of completion.  While one wilting could indicate a loss.  Or the end of a relationship.  Dried roses are popular tattoos.  They represent heartbreak and the passage of time.


In South Korea, women often adorn their formal outfits with a mortgage–decorative ornaments.  –to accentuate the wearer’s figure.  These intricate knots, tassels, and beads create delicate body art.  That flatters the wearer.

South Korean tattoo artist Sion Kwak creates delicate mortgage designs in vibrant colors.  Her soft illustrations of traditional Korean symbols are on her Instagram account.


No matter where you come from, snakes are everywhere.  Luckily, most of us don’t need to worry about our friends snagging our prey.  Suppose they don’t come too close.  Wearing a snake as your mascot is a great way to keep the roosters at bay.  Maybe even with or without the aid of an armband!


Plane tattoos are an excellent way to express your passion for travel.  And remind you of all the places and people you’ve encountered.  They look beautiful in all skin tones.  You can scale them up or down according to the desired scale.  Combine planes with quotes for an enchanting braided bracelet tattoo.  That expresses beauty and significance.  It is perfect for showing off all you care about adventure, family, and friends!


Braided bracelets are the ideal showcase for your tattoos.  This small bangle also makes an excellent place for inking a favorite quote.  Its simple charm will bring smiles every time you glance at it.

Moon diamond

The moon diamond is an ideal choice for braided bracelet tattoos.  Not only does it look stunning.  But it also represents your appreciation of diamonds and romance.

Suppose you are new to tattooing.  It is the ideal choice!  Couples looking for a unique joint design can also benefit from this option.

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