Bulldog Temporary Tattoos Are a Great Way to Show Your Support For Your Four Legged Best Friend

Bulldog tattoo designs harken back to the classic Western tattooing aesthetic. They are popular symbols for sports teams or military mascots.

Travis Barker of Blink 182 recently shared a picture of a new tattoo to remember Blue. His beloved French bulldog that passed away last week. Travis got this tribute piece inked as soon as they could to pay his respects. It was to show how much his pet meant to him.

English Bulldog

If you’re searching for an impressive memento to commemorate a special occasion or treat yourself. This temporary tattoo sticker should do the trick. Measuring just 3.5″ x 2.5″, it is waterproof and safe for most skin types. It lasts an average of two to four days when placed on an oil-free surface – the user manual includes tips and tricks. Unfortunately, this version can’t be placed directly onto your face or sleeves. It works equally well on hair or soft fabrics!

This easy temporary tattoo comes packaged as a gift-worthy boxed set of 4. Our top-rated products can be purchased online or over the phone. If any questions arise or assistance is needed regarding your order, please reach out!

French Bulldog

Temporary French Bulldog tattoos effectively show your support for this breed. They are perfect for charity events and rescue organizations.

These safe and non-toxic patches typically last two to four days when placed on areas free of oil. Where skin won’t stretch and remains clean. For optimal performance, place in areas without stretching skin that remains oil-free. Avoid rubbing on areas that remain oil-free.

Line art Tattoo are one of the coolest trends. They showcase your pet’s distinctive personality with a minimal aesthetic. Many people are choosing this style due to its popularity.

American Bulldog

To honour our bulldogs. Stylish footwork honours this doodle. These temporary tattoos are a great way to communicate devotion without ointment smudges and itchy noses at the door! USPS First Class mail makes delivering this unique product easy. American ISO 9001 facilities manufacture it. This charming treasure will proudly hang on the wall for years!

German Shepherd

German Shepherd temporary Tattoos illustrate the relationship between pet owners and their dogs. They celebrate pet owners’ particular relationship with their pets.


These Tattoos are designed to be discreet and subdued. This allows you to show affection for pets without paying too much attention to yourself. Perfect for small Tattoos on wrists, ankles or back of shoulders!

These designs use basic, beautiful line art graphics that personalise your design. Include meaningful names or phrases to personalise. Tattoos are more elaborate. This tattoo immortalises your pet.

Pit Bull

An amazing way to show your love for this strong and fierce breed. Pitbull tattoos make gorgeous yet fierce designs. They will surely draw attention from everyone around.

Are You Searching For Full Sleeve sleeve Tattoos Or Small Hand Tats? There Are Plenty Of Options Out There

Simple pitbull tattoos are popular. These designs are dog-shaped. Clarification or cartoons are added. Purple “diluted” pit bull tattoos are also popular. Subdued tattoos suit these ensembles.

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