The Best Tattoo Kits For Beginners

Chest tattoos offer a bold and individual way to express yourself, whether for personal significance or aesthetic appeal.

The ideal design is essential when creating such a large piece of body art.  We asked several men about their top motif choices to help you find the ideal design for your new tattoo.



Family Portraits

If you’re a man who prioritizes family above all else, get a family portrait tattoo.  Not only does this show that you cherish.  And care about your loved ones.  But it can also serve to honour someone who has passed away.

These designs are easy to personalize to celebrate a moment in your family history.  You can add the family name or date of birth for more significant meaning.

Show your family’s closeness by getting a family tree tattoo.  You can also use hearts or flowers in this design.

Family crest Tattoos can be a powerful symbol.  You can add a quote or poem that describes your bond.  And show the world how much you care about them.


Animals are a popular motif for chest tattoos, representing strength and loyalty.  Additionally, they symbolize nature and wildlife.  It will be perfect for those who appreciate the outdoors and natural beauty.

Wolves are another animal often chosen as the theme for chest Tattoos.  They have spiritual properties.  It means they can guide you through difficult times.  And give you strength from within.

These designs can express a person’s appreciation of the natural world.  It is up to each individual to pick which design best represents them.

Deer are a popular symbol of wilderness and make excellent companions.  Dear tattoo is for outdoor adventures such as hiking or hunting.

Birds are another popular motif for chest Tattoo.  Birds tattoo includes eagles, swallows and more.

There are plenty of options when selecting a bird-themed design for their chest.  Some people opt for an entire image of one particular bird.  But others choose just one or two birds.

Fish are an increasingly popular design choice for chest Tattoos.  They can represent the love of the water.

Quotes are a popular choice for chest tattoos.  They convey deep-felt messages.  It can be associated with anyone, making them the ideal way.

Abstract Art is another excellent option for men seeking an eye-catching tattoo design.  There are plenty of ways to incorporate this style.  It can be as straightforward.

New School tattoos are a popular option in 3D graffiti-style imagery in their tattoo.  These bold designs often use black ink.  It makes a bold choice among many men.


Quote tattoos are an excellent way to express yourself and what you stand for.  They come in a range of designs.  It makes for a lovely addition to any chest.


These designs can be as basic as desired.  Try including some background art related to the quote.

Some quotes can be quite mysterious or paradoxical.  It makes them even more captivating and intriguing.  Some even contain deep meanings that you may not fully comprehend.  Do your due diligence before purchasing one.

Another excellent choice for a quote tattoo is a religious one.  This tattoo can benefit men dealing with losing someone close to them.  Or who wants a reminder that God still holds all the cards.

When choosing a quote to tattoo on your chest, ensure it fits well with your body.  Some designs are minimal and will only take up a little room.

Select a font that’s easy on the eyes and comfortable.  The one used in this chest tattoo looks simple.  But it has plenty of detail.   However, it could benefit from being placed an inch closer to the curve of your collarbone.

If you’re a sports fanatic, getting a chest tattoo is an ideal way to honour your beloved sport.  Choose from simple black and grey designs featuring your team logo.

Simple Designs

Many men opt for chest tattoos to showcase their strength and masculinity.  These can range from simple pieces to large pieces connected with sleeve Tattoos.

A name is one of the most straightforward yet meaningful Tattoo designs for men.  Get their name emblazoned on your chest.  Use the cursive script or typeface, and they’ll feel loved every time.


The chest is an ideal location for a God tattoo.  It provides plenty of room to craft an image.  That conveys your reverence and respect.  Whether you choose something more modern like Lord Shiva, or traditional Buddha, the chest can serve as a powerful testament to your devotion.

Wild animal chest tattoos are sure to please if you have an affinity for nature.  These designs can range from several species to an entire body.  It makes them a standout piece of body art to turn heads wherever they go.

On darker skin tones, this tattoo looks fantastic.  It draws attention to the lines and shapes created across your body.

Kaleidoscope tattoos are fun and creative.  It makes them the perfect choice for men who want to show off their creativity and imagination.  Choose a simple design or get creative by adding various shapes and colours.

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