Collar Bone Tattoos

Tattoos are an excellent way to express yourself and make a fashion statement.  While many people opt for popular spots like the arms or legs when getting their ink done.  Collar bone Tattoos offer something more creative and unique.

Collar bone tattoos come in a range of themes.  It comes birds, flowers, butterflies, and animals.  These designs may be layered for added dimension.


The collar bone is a popular tattoo area for both men and women.  As it offers an expressive canvas to express large messages.  Symmetrical designs can run from side to side, up over the shoulder.  Or even wrap around your entire body for added effect.

Collarbone tattoos are not only aesthetically pleasing.  But they’re an excellent way to express yourself and your lifestyle.  This is particularly true if you want to display a love of nature or sense of femininity.

Flowers make perfect choices for collar bone Tattoos.  Representing beauty and life.  Roses, lotuses, daffodils, lilies – the possibilities are endless when creating stunning designs.

You may opt for a minimalist design that’s barely there but still draws attention.  Hailey Baldwin’s heart outline Tattoo is an excellent example of this.

Another popular choice is a script Tattoo.  This can range from your name to an inspirational quote that speaks directly to you.  Scripts are great for girls as they’re simple and can easily be tailored to different skin types.

Birds and feathers are popular for collar bone tattoos as they symbolize freedom, adventure, love, rebirth, and more.

When considering a collarbone Tattoo design, butterflies make an excellent choice.  Not only does this design symbolize the arrival of spring.  And all its new opportunities, but it’s also an apt symbol of personal growth and development.

For a attractive tattoo, try getting two of the same design on your collar bone.  You could even get an intricate bird with its feathers inked on each side of your collar bone.

When selecting a design, take into account both its aesthetics and how you plan to wear it.  For instance, if wearing a V-neck shirt with exposed collar bones, your design may need to be visible.  On the other hand, if wearing a t-shirt with a high neckline, keep it hidden away.


Tattooing on the collar bone is an effective way to convey a message.  You must consider how the design will look.

Collar bone tattoos come in all shapes and sizes.  They’re suitable for a range of people.

These designs are also easy to conceal when needed.

Popular meanings for collarbone tattoos is a quote or word.  These can have many different interpretations.

Some of the most inspirational quotes include “Never a Failure, Always a Lesson” and “Impossible is Nothing.” These words hold power to motivate us through all of life’s hardships.

Another popular Tattoo design is the dandelion.  This symbolizes freedom from regrets.  This symbolism makes it an ideal choice for those moving on from painful experiences and searching for a tattoo with an inspirational message.

For a unique collar bone tattoo, try adding creeping vines and flower petals.  These designs offer an aged aesthetic.  And will add visual attract to your design.

Your flower stems can either face outward or inward.  It depends on your body shape and personal preference.  Either way, the outcome is a stunning design that’s sure to capture the attention of anyone who sees it.

Some of the most stunning and inspiring collarbone tattoos feature flowers like roses, chrysanthemums, and dahlias.  Not only are these blooms beautiful to look at.  But they’re also symbols of love and devotion.


Collar bone tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, mainly among fashion-forward individuals.  They look great under V-necks, off-the-shoulder tops, and light sweaters alike.

Another advantage is that these tattoos are easily removable.  They won’t stretch much if you gain or lose weight since they rest directly on the bone.  Furthermore, there is an extensive selection of styles and designs.

Your artworks can range from simplistic to complex; depending on your preferences and who you select to collaborate with.

It’s essential to be aware that collarbone tattoos tend to be more painful than other placements due to the sensitive area.  If you have a low pain tolerance, other options might be better suited for you.

When considering collarbone tattoo designs, there are plenty of stunning options available.  Butterflies, floral patterns, tribal designs and birthday or wedding dates are just a few!  However, you are free to be creative.

Birds are a popular choice for collarbone tattoos.  Birds are symbolize freedom and independence.  Furthermore, birds can also be an excellent way to showcase your appreciation of nature.

A phoenix is another symbol of rebirth that would look amazing on your collarbone.  It symbolizes power and strength.  It makes a great choice for men to choose from.

Flowers are a popular choice for collarbone tattoos.  They symbolize rebirth and new beginnings.  But these easy-to-find designs let you show off your personality.  And sense of style in an eye-catching way!

If you’re considering getting a collarbone tattoo numerous reputable artists specialize in these placements.  They will do their best to create something close to what you envision and help with any difficulties during the process.

Make your tattoo even more unique by adding a message or lyrics.  These are fun to have and can be quite meaningful.

Are you uncertain which design to get for a collarbone tattoo?  Read on to discover more about the various popular choices and their meanings.  Plus, we’ll give some helpful advice that can help decide which design works best for you!


Collar bone tattoos are a popular choice among those seeking stylish skin art.  They’re usually dainty and alluring, and can be placed anywhere on the collar bone – above it, closer to the neck or even below it.

However, collar bone tattoos come at a cost: they’re notoriously painful.  This is because there’s no fatty tissue to cushion the needle as the collar bone has none; thus increasing pain and discomfort during application.  Furthermore, since it lies just beneath your skin, first-time tattooees may find this combination particularly challenging.

Tattoos can cause a range of painful sensations, from burning to sharp and stinging.  The intensity and location of your tat determine how intense the sensation.

Burning pain is like having a heating pad press against your skin for an extended period of time.  This sensation usually follows after having a tattoo session. And will continue until your skin heals and has absorbed all of the ink.

Sharp pain is a more intense discomfort that may feel like being stung by a bee or having someone slash your skin with a razor blade.  It usually occurs during tattoo piercings.  And is especially acute on body parts with thinner, more sensitive skin.

Some collarbone tattoos are inspired by birds or feathers, which can hold symbolic meaning for the wearer.  These designs may symbolize freedom, independence, or rebirth.

Tattoos can also symbolize your relationship with a special someone.  If you enjoy spending time with your significant other, getting a collarbone tattoo could show that special connection between you.

Birds, flowers, and animals can also be popular themes for collarbone tattoos.  These images serve to express your emotions in an attractive, vivid way.

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