Cross Tattoo Meaning

Many people who have decided to get a cross tattoo on their body want to know what the cross Image meaning is. The cross symbol is one of the most popular and common tattoos that many people get inked onto their bodies. The cross has a meaning that goes beyond just being a religious symbol. It also has a spiritual meaning and can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some, getting a cross Tattoo is to let go of inhibitions and to let go of the past. For other people, getting a cross tattoo is to honor their family members that have passed away and to keep their faith strong.

There is no one true meaning for the cross, but the cross has one common meaning that has been handed down from time immemorial. The cross symbolizes the sacrifice made by the early Christians to put their faith and love into the service of their fellow man. The Christian cross symbolizes twofold devotion; it symbolizes sacrifice on the one hand while at the same time, it also symbolizes love and virtue on the other hand. Despite the fact that there are countless variations of crosses that you can choose from, having a cross picture design is a wonderful way to honor the sacrifice that the early Christians made.

The Petrine cross Image meaning basically means a cross with two points, which is what the Christian cross has when it is fully erected. The reverse of the Petrine cross is an inverted cross, which simply means that the cross has an inverted angle. For more information on the meaning of the inverted cross and other variations of Christian crosses, you can always consult a book on Tattoos or any of the many online tattoo galleries. This will help you learn all of the specifics about Christian crosses and what they symbolize as well.

The Maltese cross Image meaning can deal with bravery and courage, since it too was worn by mighty Knights from Malta who used it as their battle insignia during the Medieval times. So, the Maltese cross Image meaning easily has become synonymous with bravery, virtue and honor. The Maltese cross tattoo is also popular among people who want to express their heritage, nationality, religious beliefs or family history. In addition, the Maltese cross Image meaning can also mean good luck and protection against evil.

According to the tattoo experts, there are two versions of the Maltese cross Image meaning – a Latin and an Old Maltese cross symbol. The Latin cross is also known as the Latin cross, which is made up of one upright stroke that forms eight points while the Old Maltese cross is known as the Iron cross or simply IR. The iron cross symbolizes the struggle of the Maltese people during the medieval times and was formed by a single upright stroke that forms eight points. The iron cross symbolizes the Maltese national identity and was used by the Knights during the Great Monarchies era. However, in addition to that, it is also a symbol of loyalty, faith and remembrance.

The Egyptian Ankh is another common symbol in the cross Image meaning, as it too is believed to bring good fortune and good luck. The ankh is a symbol that includes a picture, an animal, an inscription and a series of numbers. The ankh symbolizes “life” or “life itself” and is considered very important by the Egyptians. To the Egyptians, it represents life after death and is regarded as the gateway to heaven. The Egyptians also believe that the ankh symbolizes the spirit world and is used to help one to pass through its various levels.

Most people don’t understand the full meaning behind cross picture designs. For most it is just a symbol to signify their Irish heritage, but there are actually deeper meanings associated with the said tattoo. Some use it as a way to express their inner beliefs and values, while others use it to symbolize their devotion and love for someone they love. Whatever your reasons are, it’s important to know that these picture designs have many meanings attached to them.

Celtic Cross Image meaning – Not many people know this, but a Celtic cross Image meaning can be traced back to the Roman goddess, Bacchus. She was the god of wine, music, arts and fertility and cross picture designs of her likeness were also used by the ancient Celts. Basically, a Celtic cross has three main elements which are the ring, the cross and the moon. Celtic crosses themselves are simply a symbol that blends a circle or an oval around the central part of the religious meeting point. The knots and spirals that were often found in Celtic artwork had no beginning or end, thus symbolizing the never-ending cycle of life.

Moon Image meanings – Another picture design that has its own symbolical meaning is the moon Tattoo. A moon Tattoo is said to represent a person’s internal struggle between earthly and spiritual things. It is also said that the moon reflects everything we are, and is our home on the outside. It is also believed that the moon helps solidify our faith between the external world and the inner one. Having this picture design means that you’re ready to let go of inhibitions and doubts, and trust in your own innate power.


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