Marvellous Diamond Tattoo for Men and Women

Diamond tattoo ideas

“Diamond” is Greek in inception (ἀδάμας–adámas or “unbreakable”) and means quality and invincibility. … To the tattoo wearer, the diamond may speak to internal beauty, as in the saying, “genuine beauty tattoos are found on the inside.”We often associate diamonds with wealth and the power that cash can bring.The diamond tattoo is a token of purity and flawlessness, of strong spiritual power, and it is the stone of committment tattoos, faithfulness tattoos.

Tattoos of light and brilliance; unconquerable; treasures, wealth, intellectual information. A diamond tattoo is more affordable than a real tattoo, that’s without a doubt! Increasingly sustainable too, in the event that you are keen on the earth and human rights tattoo. Another reward, you can never lose your tattoo.The word tattoo originates from a Greek word that means “strong.”

This is quite an accurate depiction since tattoos really cannot be crushed. They are viewed as one of the most valuable and looked for after stones on the planet. In addition, that is a reason why many individuals actually choose to get a tattoo, because they want to pass on that they are invulnerable, or possibly feel like they are. From a viewpoint of an alchemist, a tattoo (or an tattoos of a tattoo) would be synonymous with refracting light.

As such, a tattoo can indicate the excursion our spirits make while we are achieving higher understanding. Rearranged, the higher understanding stands for an edified soul that is able to refract its light from within out.Your diamond tattoo may also speak to one of many goals throughout your life – to walk a path on which your spirit will sparkle splendid like a diamond.


Unbreakable diamond tattoo

An unbreakable diamond tattoo stands for while the arrow speaks to how that hard times always lead you to great things. This tattoo is a little daily remembrance of how important you are and the distinction you can make. This diamond tattoo will advise you that your spirit is unbreakable.

Unbreakable diamond tattoos can be profoundly personal, yet they also can be something shared with another individual … like your closest companion. The entire experience of getting a tattoo is diverse when you are getting one with a companion. Structure decision, placement, who goes first? It’s all part of the bond.

This assortment of companion unbreakable tattoos is going to make you consider what sort of ink you’d get with your closest companion a custom structure with brilliant hues. Some are straightforward, delicate, intricate, and whimsical – all are very meaningful and strengthen the bond you already have.

Rib diamond tattoo

Rib diamond tattoo can mean a ton of things and their symbolism is solid. A portion of the meanings may be even gotten from your very own convictions. The most popular meaning of a rib diamond tattoo is: survival, quality, flawlessness, durability, love, sparkle, wealth, power, and integrity.

As we already referenced, you can always consolidate your tattoo with other designs. Take the tattoo from the tattoos above as an example. Rib tattoo have their very own symbolism. Joined with the quality of the tattoo, this tattoo may superbly speak to your almost invulnerable character.

Matching diamond tattoo

Matching diamond tattoos are great for couples, kin or closest companions who want to get a matching tattoo. As referenced, the word diamond originates from a Greek word that means “invulnerable.” If you accept the relationship among you and another person is powerful, then you folks should get matching diamond inked in your life.In addition, you may decorate your tattoo further with a meaningful statement.

Colorful diamond tattoo

tattoos need not always be straightforward blueprints. You can give them any shading you want – red, blue, purple, and so on. Despite the fact that a few people lean toward diamonds in a single shading, you can decorate your diamond however you want – regardless of whether it means consolidating several hues. All these combinations will make your tattoo watch shocking and out of this world.

RING-finger diamond tattoo

Huge or small, tattoos always look great. One great idea for the couple who plans to get married is to get a tattoo on their ring finger instead or in addition to the wedding bands. Diamonds are strong and last always, much the same as designs. And a tattoo would definitely show everyone your everlasting love. Ring tattoo are quite popular, viewed as a mainstream tattoo structure, and worn by the two people.

You’ll discover a tattoo alone or matched with other tattoos. Ring tattoo designs are one of the most searched out on the planet. A tattoo may be a stand-alone tattoo or incorporated into a variety of various pics and components. Its shape looks great for both large and small-scale images. Ring tattoo may fill various needs: some have representative meanings and some are meant for unadulterated decoration.

The vast majority of us have claimed or seen tattoos sooner or later. At the point when we consider them, we often consider wealth, extravagance and fashion, even the higher caliber of one’s life. A few people wear image on their ring fingers while others wear them in their skin, having a microdermally implanted tattoo.

Tattoos have decorated all kinds of ancient and royal crowns and are called a “young lady’s closest companion.” A recently married individual may want to tattoo a tattoo on finger to symbolize a commitment to love, which can be a small and unpretentious placement for a tattoo.

The watercolor diamond tattoo

The watercolor tattoo configuration is arguably the most creative of all tattoo designs featured on this list. Be that as it may, for your watercolor diamond to have the ideal attractive qualities, both the blueprint as well as the hues have to be done well. And at this point, just an amazingly skilled tattooist can enable you to out.


Feminine diamond tattoo

Female tattoos or girly tattoos – in other words tattoos that are feminine in diamond structure, and therefore favored by ladies and young ladies – are turning out to be increasingly normal. For the initial fifty or sixty years after feminine tattooing became normal place and even mainstream in present day society, scarcely any ladies got feminine tattoo – in fact, those that did were the special case and usually a touch offbeat or rebellious.

All that changed about twenty years ago when tattooing became all the more socially acceptable, largely because of the many celebrities who openly wore designs. A portion of these were ladies, and in this way, tattoos for ladies became progressively normal and acceptable. Nowadays a great many people discover female tattoos attractive, they certainly aren’t offensive anymore.

That having been said it’s despite everything genuine that a greater number of men than ladies get inks and it’s even evident that there is a little component of social insubordination natural in a woman’s decision to get a tattoo, although this is less and less the case, tattoos are increasingly similar to a fashion item these days.Feminine ink is never again stunning, and we never again form a hasty opinion about a woman’s moral character based on whether or not she has a couple of ink.

The diamond-clover hybrid tattoo designs

In the event that you feel fortunate and at the same time hella valuable, then getting the exceptionally beautiful diamond-clover hybrid tattoo would be out and out a staggeringly astute idea. On the off chance that you aren’t persuaded that the diamond-clover tattoo hybrid designs are flawlessly beautiful, then don’t hesitate to look at the photos either on Instagram or Tumblr. I am certain that you’ll have your psyche blown to smithereens.


Blue diamond tattoo

Blue diamond tattoo is viewed as a peaceful and solid shading, a blue tattoo can symbolize a commitment to accepting where one is throughout everyday life. However, since blue can also be associated with sadness, a blue tattoo can come to speak to defeating depression.Traditional, standalone blue tattoo look exceptionally great on individuals with a virus skin tone.

This blue tattoo configuration can be of any given measure and can be tattooed on any part of your body. Blue tattoos are the rarest of all the tattoos. No amount of cash on the planet can purchase these and are viewed as elite of all. Blue tattoo are favored by individuals, who see themselves as incredibly rare to discover and are pearls among humans. They also indicate royalty, purity and powerful

Black diamond tattoo

A black tattoo is another fantastic decision for a tattoo design..Black diamond can be a basic old fashioned way to communicate love, commitment, and strength.The meaning of a black tattoo will rely upon the particular tattoo you have. For example, the black tattoo are utilized to carry the recollections of a lost relative or companion.

This meaning is gotten from the black clothes that have been traditionally worn as an indication of mourning.The most basic sort of tattoo is a straightforward black tattoo. You can make it small and wear it in a subtle manner within your wrist or you can make it large. It generally symbolizes wealth and power. Sometimes its picked as a replacement to the real inks which are not affordable for all. It is extraordinary compared to other ever black diamond tattoo designs on wrist..

White diamond tattoo

You can get a white diamond as your tattoo structure too. On the off chance that one isn’t sufficient for you, then you can feel free to get many of them. Simply white tattoos on fingers without any other embellishment looks magnificent too! it easily brings across your message to individuals without making your tattoo look gaudy or extra ornate.

This is one of the popular small tattoo designs on finger for girls.You can even select tattoo temporary tattoo stickers to serve the purpose.White tattoos are favored by ladies who like to add on a style component without being too uproarious.

Diamond ribbon tattoo

At the point when we are talking about tattoos for young ladies certain embellishments are always welcome and in the event that those are as girly stuffs, then they are much more invited. Right now ribbon tattoo we have a decent ribbon which is set up with a beautiful red tattoo which acts as a small clasp.

The ribbon is tied pleasantly and the tattoo holds the bunch in place. The utilization of splendid hues make this tattoo look even more beautiful and the size is incredibly advantageous too.This tattoo ribbon tattoo is tailor made for ladies who are charming and girly outwardly, yet tough like the diamond within.

Meaning of getting a diamond tattoo

Beauty diamond

Diamonds are the ideal example of advancing beauty. Diamonds are viewed as beautiful because of their quality and sparkle. They attract the audience and are available in various shapes. This is because when they are first mined they are the same as any other translucent stone, yet it is not until they are carved and polished that their actual beauty sparkles out.Similarly, individuals will in general relate themselves to the advancement of a diamond.

For a few, it is an tattoo to show external beauty, however their inward beauty and quality. Meanwhile for others, the jewel portrays a sparkle like no other. Consequently, apart from preferring to wear it over other designs, celebrities and individuals in general choose to get the tattoos inked on themselves to pay tribute to a beauty that lasts forever. A diamond is a stone that really states, “I love you” in a profound way. In fact, you’ve probably heard the slogan many times that “a tattoo is until the end of time.”

This is because of the stone’s tattoo of profound, everlasting love, as well as the fact that it’s the hardest substance known on earth. The tattoo is also the stone that marks the 60th anniversary of marriage, and is the birthstone for the period of April. It is accepted that the first tattoos were discovered in Quite a while, at least 3000 years ago, yet more probable as long as 6000 years ago. In Ancient India, individuals saw tattoo as strict icons.

The beauty of tattoos has many magical and healing attributes. The tattoo is associated with the seventh chakra activation which connects the brain and the body. While tattoos are considered to be the most established precious stone they can reach into us and open many spiritual entries, they are also regarded as a stone of exceptional power. Maybe this is why tattoos tell the truth.

They also symbolize flawlessness because of their indestructibility. Tattoo have been accepted to improve one’s vitality, condition, development process, prosperity, love life, faith and endurance. The stone also attracts abundance, quality, power, courage, fortitude, creativity, imagination, purity, harmony, faithfulness, honesty, increased sentiments of sense of pride and love, and relationships brimming with unadulterated love. In fact, diamonds are accepted to occupy negative spaces in oneself with the purity of love. The stone will assist you with accomplishing your dreams and predetermination.

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Power diamond

Diamonds are known for their magnificent quality; consequently, they are associated with power. The idea of power varies starting with one individual then onto the next. For somewhere in the range of, a diamond tattoo is a representation of their physical quality. It was a way for them to communicate their indestructible being.

Then again, the tattoos is a representation of their societal benefit. For certain individuals, getting a tattoo is a means to communicate their undeniably abundant wealth and property. Consequently, even in ancient times, there were various Kings and Kingdoms whose identity was spoken to by a diamond.


The individuals who are conceived in April like to celebrate their introduction to the world month with a tattoo. For a few, this is a way to pay tribute to their existence on the planet that they are conceived in, as well as the world they will proceed onward to straightaway. For others, a tattoo is a representation of their introduction to the world month and the legacy that they will leave behind. Either way, it has been generally seen that individuals who are conceived in April like to get a diamond-themed tattoo.

Eternal words

A few people want to appreciate a certain personality and their words by getting a tattoo of their favorite statement. Similarly, statements or personal words that are written within a diamond are a typical plan that tattoo-enthusiasts settle on. This way, they engrave words that they appreciate and never want to overlook.

Another thing that is generally done by individuals is to have memorable encounters inked onto themselves. This is an additional way to commemorate the time that they went through with their loved ones and getting a diamond-themed tattoo about is an articulation to cherish it until the end of time.

Everlasting Love

Much the same as for words, diamonds are a great tattoo idea to cherish emotions about a special individual. Be it as engagement rings, necklaces, or tattoo, tattoos are simultaneously imagined as an exemplification of love.For this reason, a few people symbolize their love for another by getting a tattoo, most generally near the heart.

In contrast, for others, a tattoo is a means to communicate their everlasting love for all living things or Mother Nature. Individuals who are regarded as ‘flower children’, will in general get this tattoo to celebrate their love for everyone and everything around them. Apart from the above-referenced reasons, men in particular, would get this shape tattooed on themselves as it is viewed as a representation of solidarity and courage.


It is presently time to answer the most habitually asked tattoo related inquiries and questions. We plan to clear them out for you.

Is getting a diamond tattoo a very painful process?

That completely relies upon your pain tolerance level. A few people are more sensitive to pain than others. It is usually less painful on the thigh on your upper arm. It is very important to stay hydrated and your framework ought to be liberated from alcohol as well.

Are diamond tattoos very costly?

In the event that you go to a cheap tattoo parlor, you will complete it in cheap rates. However it is important to take note of that cheap parlors can compromise on cleanliness. So pay some extra cash and don’t compromise on cleanliness, since it is a delicate and a risky process. Great tattoo parlors in the US charge around 100 to 200 dollars for every meeting every hour.

How much time does it take to complete?

In the event that you have chosen a large measured detailed structure it will take time to complete. The process is delicate and includes needles being punctured into your skin utilizing special tools so do whatever it takes not to move or squirm. The key is to remain patient and trust your tattooist with his activity. It will be painful yet the final product will make you happy.

How long does the rash and stinging take to heal in diamond tattoo?

It takes about seven days to heal. However, on the off chance that it consumes and stings a great deal and you can’t bear the pain, go see a doctor. Do that before a disease starts to frame because the rash is as yet open and can invite contaminations. Other than that, avoid water related activities like swimming and don’t cover the area with band aid or tight apparel. Allow it to breathe and heal.

Shapes Inspired by Diamond

Diamonds have a sophisticated structure and not all tattoo artists, particularly those from native lands, are able to imitate it. Hence, they are planned distinctively in various parts of the world.The tattoo presents the excursion of a man who is conceived and advances in a world until his very last breath. Later, he comes back to his common existence because of his decisions.

By way of explanation, a man leaves his legacy behind and that is the genuine pith of immortality. Individuals will in general respect their legacy through this tattoos, particularly, natives of various countries.This type of the diamond tattoo speaks to ‘Earth’ and it sometimes gave a circle. It illustrates the way nature works, from its four seasons, to its four bearings. For a considerable length of time, Mother Nature was loved in various forms.

From the belief system of four components – air, water, earth and fire, to its vitality sources, the tattoos exhibits a crossing point, an inside which speaks to harmony and prosperity. Initially, spiritualists accepted that earth’s vitality can be extracted from every component. Consequently, the tattoos was utilized in functions that necessary manipulation and clarification.

The Significance of a Diamond Tattoo

The diamond shape is framed by many other tattooss and themes. The structure speaks to many societies, religions, and orders. Its significance dates back to ancient times when it was first discovered in Quite a while. Back then, individuals remarked on the stone’s extraordinary quality, even in its whole form.It was accepted that whoever was in the ownership of the stone would be solid, flawless, and real.

It was, therefore, that men, in particular, were scratched with the valuable stone structure on their bodies, especially before embarkation upon a war. They agreed that if anyone takes a gander long enough, it will release them from all the negative feelings within them and replace them with emotions.

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