Dragonfly Angel Tattoo Colors

The dragonfly tattoo is one of the most beloved and stunning insect designs.  With so many meanings and symbols available, you’re sure to find a design.  That perfectly expresses your style.

Women who appreciate florals and feminine ideas will adore a dragonfly tattoo.  Especially when combined with other floral tattoos.


Brown dragonflies such as the brown hawker and swamp darner.  And Norfolk hawkers tend to blend better with their environment than other colours.  Additionally, it is believed that seeing a brown dragonfly can give one a feeling of security and grounding.

White dragonflies are rare.  Yet their white coloration symbolizes innocence and purity.  Additionally, white dragonflies reflect and refract light.  It’s lending them a mysterious aura with magical properties.

This tattoo is a striking and minimalist design.  That looks great on the arm, shoulder or chest.  It features a small dragonfly in shades of blue and yellow.  And flowers of the same colouring.


Blue is a symbol of purity and innocence, as well as peace and tranquillity.

A dragonfly of this colour could signify that you are progressing towards attaining certain qualities.  Or suggest that angels or your high-vibration guides work alongside you.

Blue can symbolize both the sky and your spiritual journey.  And your spirit when faced with challenges along the way.

Blue can also symbolize love and growth in relationships.   It suggests that people you’ve been missing may soon enter your life.


A dragonfly angel tattoo can be an elegant way to honour the spirit of someone you care about.  It also symbolises lightness and freedom.  It’s mainly meant for those with dragonflies as spirit animals.

Red is a colour associated with love and passion.  That can energize you to be your best self.

Suppose you spot a dragonfly angel tattoo with red wings.  It could indicate the need to let go of old, restricting beliefs.  And take on a more positive course.


Orange is an attractive colour that emotes joy, creativity, wellness and sensuality.  It also aligns with your second chakra – the sacral chakra.

An orange dragonfly may symbolize the need to encourage relationships.  And maintain physical health.  Furthermore, this hue could signify financial abundance in your life.

This Tattoo is a stunning design that starts on one shoulder.  And extends down your middle back.  The spine or centre of the dragonfly tattoo is exceptionally long.  And composed of black and white bead-like structures.


Yellow is a popular colour choice for dragonfly angel Tattoo.  It represents joy, creativity, and abundance.

It also reminds us to stay motivated to pursue what we love.  No matter how much we feel like giving up.

The colour yellow is also associated with your third chakra or solar plexus.  This chakra will power and how you assert yourself in the world.

Green is another hue often associated with dragonflies.  This hue symbolizes nature, renewal, growth, fertility, and emotions.

A green dragonfly may signify that you are about to experience new love and abundance.  If you spot one, take it as an indication that something good will soon be coming your way.

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