Drumstick Tattoo Ideas

Ice cream brand Drumstick is inviting its fans to get tattooed to win one year’s supply of their delicious treats! All that’s required is following Drumstick on Instagram or Twitter and sharing a photo of your tattoo with the tag @Drumstick and hashtag #DrumstickInk by July 31st!

Watercolor Drum Tattoo

Watercolour tattoos are the latest craze on social media. This trend shows no sign of abating anytime soon. It’s one of the unique forms of body art available.

A watercolour tattoo is a design that features delicate lines with an organic drip effect. It’s ideal for those hesitant to commit to traditional black-ink tattoos. This is due to their more fragile nature and fluidity than standard Tattoo.

This tree, for instance, lacks an outline but is filled with colours that bleed and fade. This gives it a painted-on, watercolour effect. Additionally, the ink splatters give off an uneven feel. It is reminiscent of paint on paper.

Music-themed tattoos are increasingly becoming a trend among musicians and music buffs alike. Whether you’re searching for something simple like the treble clef symbol, or something more dramatic. There are plenty of designs to choose from. Adding microphones or instruments to your plan will make it stand out. It will also display your passion for music.

Guitar Backpiece

Protect the beautiful acoustic guitar. A sturdy case protects and looks good. Most casings are metal, leather, or polyurethane. This prevents open-carrying snagging and scratching. These standouts will satisfy any palate.

You’ll treasure your acoustic guitar. The right casing ensures longevity. Selecting one that fits you and your gear is most important.

Drum Foot Pedal Tattoo

Drum bling is essential for rhythm-lovers. These elaborate Tattoos will spice up your style, from rock to military marching band. They will spice up game night with buddies. Complex designs may take numerous sessions. The payoff will be worth the effort! Start with these. Start with your inner ear!

Memorial Drum Set Tattoo

Travis Barker got a poignant Taylor Hawkins tattoo. Honouring his mentors. Only for their body art collection.

Even though this tattoo is small, it speaks volumes about this man’s impact on Travis’ life. The design was inked during a visit to celebrity body artist Mark Mahoney’s shop.

This tattoo features a drum kit and includes two snares, cymbals and hi-hats. This makes it an efficient design for music enthusiasts.

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