Best Picture design Ideas For Equestrian Pictures

If you are looking for a unique, yet simple equestrian tattoo, consider this one from artist Sergio Vila Rivero. The design captures the emotional connection between man and horse. It’s an abstract watercolor piece that uses non-traditional contrasting colors. The “base” of the horse is black, which will hold its shape over time, and the splashes of watercolor will make it more playful without compromising the overall design.

Another equestrian tattoo is a tribal wolf-and-horse combination. This design uses warm and cool colors to create a contrast with other designs. The equine anatomy is highlighted, and the tiger’s eye is visible. The equine skull and mane are also detailed and beautiful. You can also choose a color to complement the animal you’re wearing, and you’ll still look good in a tat.


If you prefer a traditional equine tattoo, a white or black wolf-and-horse combo is a great choice. A combination of wolves and horses can give a more tribal feel. If you don’t want to commit to a full-on equestrian tat, consider an abstract equine design instead. A tiger-and-horse design, like this one, can be very unique.


Some tattoo artists prefer to draw their designs with a single, clean line. However, an equestrian tiger-and-horse-themed tattoo may be more complicated and involve many details. An example of this is the image of an equine skull by Denver artist Alix. A horse can have a lot of meaning for a person. A tiger-and-horser combination, or a realistic black horse head, can be a meaningful tribute to a lost companion.


An equestrian tiger-and-horse tiger combination is a popular tiger-and-horser combo. Intricate equestrian designs can be intricate or simple. A black and white equine tiger-tiger tattoo is an excellent way to memorialize a beloved animal. You can also choose to remember a deceased horse with a realistic tattoo.


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