The Evil Sun Tattoo

Tattooing the sun symbol can be seen as a way to acknowledge the power and divinity of the sun. It can also represent individual traits or truths about a person. Many people get sun tattoos on their arms, legs, or chests. Sun symbols are commonly found in tribal, Celtic, and Asian tattoo designs.


Tribal Tattoos have been used by tribal cultures to express strength, courage, and connection within their culture. When choosing a tribal design, it’s important to research its cultural meaning to avoid selecting an offensive design. Tribes believed tattoos allowed them to communicate with their ancestors and bridge the gap between physical and spiritual realities. For example, the Kalinga tribe used body art to ease the transition from one life to the next.


Celtic Tattoos are a great way to show pride in your heritage. These tattoos are light and can be worn by both men and women. They allow you to appreciate the beauty of nature and express admiration for it. The Triskele is an ancient Celtic symbol that represents the number three or things with three attributes. It can also symbolize life itself. The harp, another Celtic symbol, represents harmony between heaven and earth and symbolizes aspirations for success.


Tattoos inspired by Japanese culture are a meaningful way to show appreciation for Japanese traditions. Their intricate designs hold symbolic meanings while also being visually appealing. The Koi fish is a symbol of courage, perseverance, and luck. Samurai tattoos are popular among enthusiasts of Japanese history, as they represent warrior culture and pride in one’s work. The Jorogumo, also known as Akkorokamui, is a revered aquatic creature believed to have healing powers by the Ainu people of Japan and Russia.


Mandala tattoos are a beautiful way to express your spiritual side. They often feature symbols from Buddhist metaphysics and cosmology. These intricate designs depict both harsh and peaceful deities, along with floral motifs representing different aspects of spiritual awakening. Coloring mandalas can improve focus and attention, foster creativity and self-expression, and serve as a form of meditation. Swiss psychologist Carl Jung also used mandala-like drawings with his patients.

Yin and yang

Tattoos depicting the yin and yang symbols are widely recognized as symbols of Taoism. They represent the belief in balance and harmony between opposing forces in nature and life. Yin represents darkness and femininity, while yang represents brightness and masculinity. The two halves are connected by an indented line, symbolizing that they cannot exist without each other. A forearm yin and yang tattoo design with a samurai vibe is an excellent choice for those looking for a black tattoo with more color. It represents a strong character.

Heart Symbolism

This tattoo combines the symbolism of the heart with the idea of love and harmony in life. It serves as a reminder to balance passion with sensitivity and respect for others. Additionally, it can show support for people dealing with mental health issues.

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