Cool Good Vs Evil Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo ideas come in all shapes and sizes. Some are good versus evil, while others may appear scary but actually have an inspiring message.

If you want to show off your dark side, an evil eye tattoo is the ideal choice! Not only will it deter enemies away, but it also provides extra protection!

Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is often depicted wearing a black cloak and wielding Orcus, his scythe. This symbol of death reaps souls from those who pass away. It uses its blade to reap their souls.

He’s a dreaded figure in movies and novels. In horror and fantasy literature, he’s a villain. Some horror and fantasy fiction cast him as a villain.

In Europe during the 14th century, the Grim Reaper was created as a representation of death. This was during a time when the Black Death spread across much of Europe and claimed millions of lives.


Religion, mythology and lore have long valued the snake as an emblematic figure. It can be depicted both positively and negatively. It symbolizes both rebirth and healing.

Snakes symbolise temptation and sin in Christianity. They also symbolise. Snakes, symbols of transition and rebirth, may help us make tough decisions. They assist us make tough life choices.

Snake tattoos can be an eye-catching choice for those seeking a unique design. A design that stands out from the crowd. They usually feature bold, vibrant colours and dramatic designs.

Good vs Evil Tattoo

Good vs. evil tattoos are perfect for symbolising the conflict. These designs can express your beliefs. They keep your spirituality or truth in your body.

These designs juxtapose nasty and lovely. Skulls, flowers, and angels. They can also be made into beautiful images that inspire or frighten their wearers.

Angels &  Goblins

Angels are celestial beings often depicted in a positive light. These beings possess stoicism and only express positive emotions.

They are considered powerful forces and can protect the vulnerable, heal people and fight evil. Unfortunately, some of these beings may become too aggressive. They may cause more harm than good.

Angels can also be reincarnated into creatures with less purity of heart. They have more fey and supernatural qualities. This concept for Tattoos can be very intriguing and used in a variety of ways.

Scary Nun Tattoo

Horror film fans will surely appreciate a scary nun tattoo on their neck or head. Additionally, you could use it as an elegant scarf.

To add even more evil charm, add bloody eyes to the skull face for an even scarier effect.

You could also make a unique Tattoo by placing zombies on your sleeves. You could also add the face of a devil. This combination will result in an impressive design.

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