Feminine Cross Tattoo Ideas

Cross tattoos have long been a symbol of the Christian faith.  But they come in various shapes and sizes.  Why explore different ideas if you’re searching for the ideal cross tattoo?

A cross comprises two horizontal beams that symbolize femininity.  And all things earthly.  Its vertical beam represents masculinity.  It represents infinite creativity, activity and celestial being.

Simple Cross with Bible Verse

A feminine cross tattoo is an excellent way to express your spirituality.  And showcase your artistic talent.  With so many design possibilities available, you will find one.  That speaks to you personally.

A simple black cross with a Bible verse is ideal for those seeking to show their devotion to God.  Not only is it easy to read.  But it will look lovely on any chest or arm.

You can incorporate other symbols in a simple cross tattoo.  For instance, a tiger could signify strength.  A flower might represent resilience.

If you like getting a feminine cross tattoo, pair it with flowers.  Popular choices for this design are roses and lilies.  However, Celtic crosses can also be used for more meaningful visuals.

A watercolour-style cross is another attractive option.  The paint strokes may signify water.  It is often symbolic in Christianity.  Furthermore, it could symbolize renewal through Christ.

Simple Cross with Flowers

Flowers are a widely-used symbol in cross-tattoo designs.  Not only do they symbolize hope and faith.  But they also come in various colours and styles.

These stunning flowers are wrapped around a cross to create an eye-catching Tattoo for women.  That will look gorgeous on any woman’s arm.  These designs are ideal for those who want to add femininity.

Another short cross Tattoo with flowers.  It is a black cross inked on the ankle with vibrant circles of plants.  Or flowers surrounding it.  This feminine design is ideal for girls looking for an inspiring cross tattoo.

The cross is a powerful symbol.  That is used for many purposes and interpretations.  Depending on one’s beliefs and values.  It may serve as either religious or non-religious.

Simple Cross with Birds

Women seeking a minimalist design may enjoy this simple cross with birds Tattoo.  The birds add a lovely feminine touch.  And symbolize peace within the Christian religion.

This symmetrical tattoo looks gorgeous on the upper back.  The black ink makes the design stand out.  And its three birds give it a lifelike appearance.

The cross symbolises faith.  And the strength that comes with it.  It provides power when life seems impossible.

For a discreet but noticeable wrist tattoo, opt for this cross-design.  This type of design is popular among girls.  Just starting with Tattoos.

This short cross and flower tattoo is an excellent option for women.  Who wants to express their devotion to God.  In both symbols of Christianity, the cross and flowers share a similar shape.  Additionally, the petals of the tattoo resemble roses.

Simple Cross with Leaves and Flowers

A classic cross tattoo featuring leaves.  And flowers are stunning designs that can be personalized to reflect your religion.

The Christian cross is a popular Tattoo design for women.  It symbolizes faith.  And an expression of devotion to God.

This tattoo is ideal for those who prefer simplicity in their designs.  But still, wish to show their religious pride.

This added floral pattern makes the cross symbolises faith.  And love is even more poignant.  Plus, it looks fantastic when worn as a fullback piece!

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