Dragon Ball Z Frieza Tattoos

If you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball Z series.  Getting a tattoo is an excellent way to show devotion to the show.  These designs often feature beloved characters.  That viewers enjoy watching and interacting with.

Whether you opt for a simple design or an intricate one, these Tattoos will add some flair to your appearance!


Shenron is a large snake-like green dragon.  That can be summoned once all seven Dragon Balls have been collected.  This dragon features fiery red eyes.  And an inhumanely deep voice.  That grant wishes to those who have called it.

Shenron is an iconic character in the Dragon Ball Z series.  And it makes for an excellent tattoo choice for fans.  Not only does it symbolize strength and teamwork.  But it also sends a powerful message about courage and perseverance.  That should be celebrated by anyone with this design on their body.

Shenron is a popular sleeve Tattoo design inspired by the East-style dragon from the Dragon Ball series.  This stylish dragon can be crafted in various shades and styles.  To suit any series fan, regardless of skin tone or gender!


Porunga is the name of the dragon responsible for bringing Goku back to life.  And he reigns supreme among dragons.  However, his presence is rarely featured in Dragon Ball Z storytelling.  It’s due to being something different than your typical red dragon.  Dragon Ball Z is renowned for its impressive array of kung-fu moves.  And the master of disguise, making him virtually unrecognizable to most humans on Earth.  However, this dragon continues to remain in our minds even today.  Recently, an episode of Dragon Ball Z brought him back onto our screens one last time before.  We can focus on a brand-new cast of stars for the series.

Goku & Chi-Chi

Dragon Ball World is filled with fascinating characters.  But Goku and Chi-Chi stand out as two of its most endearing.  However, their relationship may appear dysfunctional to outsiders.  They genuinely love one another.

Chi-Chi is incredibly strong-willed and has proven her worth several times over.  She married Goku, the main character from Dragon Balls.  And they have two children together.

She is a loving woman.  Who wants the best for her family but has different ideas about raising children than Goku.  She often nags Goku, encouraging him to study.  And have fun instead of fighting.

She is very strict regarding how her sons should act.  And sometimes even kicks them out of the house if they don’t follow her requests.  This is because she believes Super Saiyans are delinquents and bad people.

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