Gang Tattoo Meanings

Gang tattoos, whether vibrant in color or rendered in black ink, carry meaning behind their lines. Understanding this symbolism can help police investigators more accurately identify a member of a particular gang. The symbolism is a symbol of a particular gang.

Tattoos can identify a gang member’s rank, affiliation, and other essential information. Here is an assortment of the most common gang Tattoos. The tattoos are a symbol of gang life and their symbolic meanings.

Five Dots

Three dots arranged in a triangle can be interpreted as signifying “my crazy life” or “mi vida loca.” It’s often found among prison tattoos. It can be found on the hands or around the eyes.

Tattoos can also be religious symbols. Such as Christianity’s holy trinity or the three dots of the cross. Most Tattoos are created using the stick-and-poke technique with minimal tools required.

Five Dots, also known as a quincunx, is an iconic Tattoo. It is worn by both American and European inmates. The four dots around the outside represent four walls. The fifth dot in the middle represents a prisoner.

This tattoo is typically placed on the hand between the thumb and forefinger. It can also be found on other parts of the body, such as the knuckles or chest.

Spider Web

Spider web Tattoo designs are a favored Tattoo design. They have numerous symbolic meanings. This sinister symbol may symbolize protection, wisdom, and creation.

The web can also be decorated with symbols like hearts, diamonds, and other shapes. This is for added visual interest. This is an effective way to increase its visual appeal.

Another popular symbol of life is represented in a spider web design. This is represented by bars or prison bars. This could signify criminal activity or drug addiction, for example.

This “web of life” is something most people experience at some point in their lives. It is symbolized by the spider web tattoo. It can be difficult to escape this web. Many feel trapped for long periods of time.

Watch With No Hands

Tattoos of watches with no hands are not only stunningly aesthetic. They serve as a powerful symbol to express yourself. Men and women alike often opt for these timepieces in various designs. These watches have various meanings depending on personal preferences.

Many people opt to get a broken clock tattooed on their skin. This is a reminder that dreams aren’t bound by time or reality’s limitations. Additionally, these clocks often have an eerie melting or dissolving effect. This can help you reflect on how dreams can evolve over time.

Watches with No Hands can also be an iconic way to symbolize prison. Prisoners don’t keep track of time or watch the clock. In this instance, however, the clock could be any type of watch. Wristwatches, pocket watches, and grandfather clocks alike.


Gang tattoos often include A.C.A.B. “All Cops Are Bastards,” Which opposes police brutality worldwide.

UK-born word. It became a political catchphrase. 4-Skins’ 1982 anti-police song “A.C.A.B.” popularised it.

Though used by individuals concerned over the police killing black folks. This term is nuanced. Not all police are terrible. It suggests they are unreliable or dishonorable.

Protesters often graffiti or paint walls. Political activists use it to criticize police. This sign of injustice is racist and criminal. Most European nations outlaw it.

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