Garfield Tattoo Design Ideas

Are you a fan of the adorable orange cat Garfield?  Get yourself inked.  You may prefer something bright and chaotic.  Or an understated design.  There will surely be a design perfect for everyone.

If you appreciate Garfield’s quirky sense of humor.  Search for an artist with impressive line work in their portfolio.

Black and White

Garfield is one of the most beloved comic strip characters in America.  He’s a lazy, foodie tabby cat with tasteless humor.

Suppose you’re searching for a fun and unique tattoo.  Consider getting a Garfield design.  There are numerous designs and styles.  To find one that perfectly expresses your personality and interests.

Garfield often opts for bright, chaotic Tattoo designs.  These tattoos tend to be more vibrant in color.  It’s frequently featuring elements like massive sandwiches or donuts.


James Robert Davis created Garfield, a beloved comic strip character.  He’s an obese, lazy tabby cat with no sense of humor.

Garfield has become increasingly popular, and many have tattoos of his character on their bodies.  What better way to show affection for your favorite cartoon character than with permanent ink?

Garfield Tattoos come in a variety of styles and meanings.  When selecting your design, make sure it perfectly expresses you and your interests.


Comic Style

Comic art Tattoos are a widely sought-after style.  These can be quirky, brightly colored images featuring dramatic caricatures.

Comics are commonly called comics or graphic novels in North America and Western Europe.  Unlike newspaper strips, these narrative stories are more detailed and narrated.

Comics typically consist of four independent images called strips that tell a story.  This format, similar to a script, is the most prevalent type of comic.


Lawsonia inermis, commonly known as henna, has been used for centuries to dye skin, hair, fingernails, and leather.  Additionally, it’s a widely-used temporary Tattoo paste.

This paste is a natural green dye derived from the leaves of a plant.  And it’s safe for skin application if appropriately used.

Be wary of products labeled as henna.  But it contains other ingredients.  These may include para-phenylenediamine, a hazardous and sensitizing chemical.  That can cause severe burns and scarring.

Henna stains appear orange when applied for the first time, darkening over three days.  The darker the stain, the longer it will remain on your skin.

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