Ghostface Tattoo Designs

Whether you’re an old-school horror movie buff or simply searching for a unique tattoo idea, these Ghostface Tattoo designs will surely please.

Fans of the classic horror films from the ‘Scream’ franchise will love this tattoo featuring Ghostface.  A character from the series.  Who terrorizes his victims with a knife and phone call.

Horror Movie Motifs

Horror tattoos often draw inspiration from some theme.  This could include a character from the film.  It’s an item featured.  Or even marks left by serial killers.

These themes can create a feeling of unease.  And scare people in unexpected ways.  Additionally, they may reflect someone’s interests.  It makes them stand out from other Tattoos.

Ghostface as a Human

Horror fans will surely recognize Ghostface.  A famous horror icon who wears a black hooded cloak.  And a white mask.

He wields a jagged knife to execute his victims.  It makes him an iconic tattoo design.  That has gained worldwide popularity.

Suppose you are a huge fan of Ghostface.  Then getting a Tattoo of this terrifying killer might be in order.  These designs can be done on any body part.  It includes arms and back.

Ghostface as a Softie

Ghostface is a prominent character in the horror movie genre.  He is known for his black hooded cloak and bizarre white mask.  And holding a jagged knife in one hand.

If you are a fan of Ghostface.  Why not get a Tattoo to honour him?  Plenty of intriguing Ghostface tattoo designs will inspire creating a fascinating spooky layout.

For even scarier Tattoo designs, try adding a Ghostface mask!  This popular choice among fans looks fantastic on the skin.

Ghostface with Heart Symbols

Ghostface is a beloved horror movie villain.  Who often calls his victims on the phone.  And taunts them before stabbing them with a knife.

Sometimes, he even asks them.  What is their favourite scary movie is!

He stalks them with an attitude reminiscent of the Scream franchise.

Ghostface with Floral Motifs

Ghostface is the terrifying character from the ‘Scream’ franchise.  He often uses a knife to murder victims.  Suppose you admire this horror movie series.  Getting a ‘Scream’ knife tattoo could be a perfect way.  To pay homage to your favourite horror movie villain!

For a Ghostface tattoo that’s more delicate, floral motifs could be an excellent choice.  Flowers have long been associated with love.  And romantic feelings.  It makes them the perfect choice for a thin design.

Ghostface with a Glitch Effect

Ghostface is the iconic white mask-wearing villain from Wes Craven’s original ‘Scream’ film.  Has become one of the most beloved icons in 1990s teen horror movie history.  His image has become synonymous with this iconic figure always.

Ghostface in each ‘Scream’ film alters his persona depending on the plotline.  In one ‘Scream’ movie, he is a vengeful killer. However, in another, he is transformed into an adorable softie with a sweet side.

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