Go Live Tattoo – Inspiration From Other Tattoo Artists

Sometimes, tattoo design can become dauntingly complex. Looking at other artists’ work may help to gain inspiration and overcome creative block.

The Internet has changed the tattoo industry

The Internet has revolutionized the tattoo industry in many ways, making it easier for artists to promote their work and gain new clients.


Reach a Global Audience

Where once artists could only reach clients via walk-in visits or slowly build client lists over time, now, with Instagram and other social media platforms available, they can get a global audience and expand their business.


Augmented Reality and Customer Satisfaction

Internet technology has also transformed the tattoo industry by enabling artists to use tools like augmented reality to show clients exactly how their Tattoos will look on them, helping to decrease no-shows and enhance customer satisfaction.


Convenient Online Booking

Online booking systems make it easier for customers to schedule appointments that fit into their busy lives, which helps reduce no-shows and gives artists more time with each client. Online booking systems often include automated reminders and confirmations, decreasing no-shows.


The Internet has made it easy to find the right artist

Artists know it can be challenging to connect with clients; however, thanks to the Internet, it has become more accessible. Furthermore, this platform simplifies determining an accurate price than previous decades.


Social Media and Limitations

Social media can be an incredible asset to artists but can also be depressing. To combat this, track how much time you spend on social media and set a limit to stay focused on the tasks at hand; you can then use any remaining time for creating and promoting art!


Networking and Inspiration

Tattoo artists should form relationships with fellow tattooists to remain creatively inspired and meet people they’d travel miles for. Networking helps foster creativity while inspiring fellow artists.


Organizing Online Presence and Content

Social media content calendars can be an excellent way of organizing the online presence of tattooing businesses. But before uploading any content, it must meet its intended target audience accurately and pertinently.


The Go Live temporary tattoo

The Go Live temporary tattoo is an inspirational reminder to live each momentous day to the fullest and enthusiastically embrace life. Perfect for anyone needing extra motivation to live their best life!


The Internet has made it easy to get a quote

Quote Tattoos can express your values and beliefs and serve as a constant reminder to live life to its fullest.


Choosing Placement and Size

Location is critical when designing and placing a quote tattoo, depending on its meaning and how much of an impactful statement you want it to make. If you need guidance regarding the size or placement of a quote, it may be beneficial to reach out for consultation from an artist before making a final decision.


Finding the Right Artist

Most artists maintain portfolios online that showcase their work. You could even use social media’s search function to locate someone who specializes in your preferred style quickly.

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