A Half Heart Half Brain Tattoo

If you’re searching for a tattoo.  That symbolizes love, passion and friendship.  Consider getting this half-heart, half-brain design.  It combines these two symbols into an inspiring statement.  It encourages us to balance power with reason.

This design is especially meaningful for mental illness survivors and cancer patients.  Who wish to show their support.  This type of tattoo design is an empowering reminder.  You can overcome any hardship to live a joyful life.

The outline of the heart

An outline of the heart is a timeless Tattoo design with many symbolic meanings.  It’s perfect for first-timers.  You can place it almost anywhere on your body.

A half-heart, the half-brain tattoo is an original symbol of the union of two vital organs.  It is a unique take on a common character.  It looks beautiful in black and coloured ink.

The brain symbolizes logic and intelligence.  At the same time, the heart stands for love, passion, and intuition.  Together they form an iconic design.  That emphasizes balancing emotions and reason.

The anatomical heart

The heart is an essential organ in human anatomy.  It pumps blood throughout the body.  It consists of two atria receiving blood.  And two ventricles are discharging it.

The heart’s walls comprise an outer epicardium.  A thick myocardium layer.  And an inner endocardium.  A membrane protects all three layers.  It is known as the pericardium, which keeps them free from damage.

During a heartbeat, blood flows from the atria into the ventricles through valves.  These prevent the backflow of blood into the atria.  And ensure that the ventricles don’t overflow.

The heart with two prisms

The heart and brain are two essential components of an individual’s personality.  They help define who they are while guiding life.

The half-heart half-brain tattoo symbolizes how each organ works and expresses emotions.  It shows that people can experience similar things at different life stages.

Arrows are a common symbol used in Tattoos.  It’s with a long-standing symbolic significance.  Their minimalist design can be combined with various motifs.  And colours to create unique, meaningful artwork.

Adding lettering to your arrow Tattoo design can take on even greater significance.  It could symbolize someone, a place or an event in your life.  That has had an influential role.

People often opt to get an arrow Tattoo with their family name.  To symbolise how important family is to them.  And as a reminder of their support, guidance, and love.

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