Heart Tattoo With Plane Design

If you’re a travel enthusiast.  An airplane design can be ideal for expressing your enthusiasm for exploring.  It shows off your creative and carefree side.  And serves as a perfect reminder of why you love taking trips in the first place!

This Tattoo design can include a heartbeat line to commemorate an important period in your life.  Or that of someone special.  The line can be thick or thin.  And placed at either the beginning or end of the design.

The heart represents love.

The heart is an iconic symbol of love.  You may have spotted it on cards or your favorite TV show.

The human heart pumps blood around your body at approximately five liters per minute.  It passes blood through two upper chambers called atria.  And larger lower ones called ventricles.

Your heart’s main function is to supply your lungs with oxygen.  And allow the blood to return through veins into your body.  This explains how your heart can beat continuously.  It pumps oxygen-rich blood to cells and other parts of its system.

The heart symbol was first used in Europe during the Middle Ages.  Though it was in the 13th century that it became associated with romantic love.  From that time forward, the heart became a popular suit on playing cards and was associated with Valentine’s Day.

The plane symbolizes freedom.

A plane tattoo can be an ideal choice for commemorating your childhood.  Many people recall tossing paper airplanes during class and secret messages inside them.

A paper plane can represent a new beginning.  Or an aspiration you are striving towards.  It may serve as a poignant reminder of someone you once loved.

The airplane symbolizes change.

Dreaming of an airplane may symbolize change and release from past struggles.  Or represent the beginning of something new in your life.  A plane in a dream could describe embarking on an exciting new journey into the unknown.

In reality, four forces keep a plane aloft.  It’s a lift, thrust, drag, and weight.  These must be balanced to keep the aircraft aloft.  And progressing forward.

A heart-shaped plane Tattoo is fun.  And unique design that can symbolize all the journeys you wish to take.  Choose to have it inked on your wrist, forearm, or ankle for added visual impact.

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