How a Bee Gets a Hive Tattoo

In getting a tattoo, the artist pricks your skin approximately 100 times rapidly to inject pigment into your skin.  This ensures that all colours are placed deeply into your skin for long-lasting colour retention.

After receiving an injection, your immune system quickly consumes most pigments in the tattooed area, leading to rashes, itching and swelling.


Bees are fiercely loyal to their hive.  And will sacrifice themselves for the good of their nest.  That is why a bee tattoo may be an ideal symbol for someone who values loyalty.

Loyalty is an admirable trait.  That can benefit your mental, emotional and physical well-being.  It plays a pivotal role in maintaining healthy relationships as well.

Loyalty can also have its downside.  If a relationship no longer meets your needs.  It could prove detrimental to both of you.


Conceiving a child is an integral part of human life.  Various factors like nutrition, sexual behaviour, genetics and culture determine it.

If you’re struggling with infertility, fertility specialists can offer assistance.  Treatments and procedures such as IVF may be available.

Couples may also consider third-party artificial reproductive technology to create a family.  This involves donor sperm, eggs or embryos.

Bees are seen as a symbol of fertility by many.  They symbolize an intimate connection to nature.  And are renowned for their hard work.


A honeycomb is composed of thousands of interconnected chambers connected by beeswax.  Bees fill these cavities with honey to store them for later.

Beeswax is secreted from a gland on the bee’s abdomen.  And appears as small, oval scales.  They are white when fresh.

Bees chew and melt the wax to form structures with perfect shapes and designs.  It looks stunning as evidence of nature’s intelligence.  The beauty of their work cannot be overstated.

Queen Bee

Bees make for a popular tattoo subject.  And can be drawn in various styles.  From photorealistic to simplistic, there’s something here for everyone’s taste.

Queen bees are iconic symbols representing power, femininity, fertility and motherhood.  Additionally, queen bees symbolize leadership.

The queen bee is essential to her colony’s survival.  And guides all other bees.  She regulates and controls the environment and protects other bees.  And provides food for everyone in the pack.  She serves as a role model to all bees.


Many people choose hive Tattoo to symbolize their leadership skills.  This is often done by depicting the queen bee.  And her role as a leader within the hive.

The queen bee is a strong female leader.  And the overseer of her community of bees in her hive.  She ensures everything runs smoothly; everyone does their job diligently.  And everyone gives of themselves without expectation.  She provides for everyone without complaint.

You can learn a few important lessons from the queen bee’s leadership.  And apply them to your own life.  These include the value of community and hard work.  And affectionate regard for family and friends.

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