Best Picture design Ideas For Horse Marking

Lip pictures are a popular way to identify a horse in Thoroughbred racing. Lip pictures are permanent, and are required for all participating horses. The letter designation indicates the horse’s year of birth, followed by the year of birth and the last five digits of its Jockey Club registration number. Recent letters include A 1997, B 1998, and C 1999. The client should be an equestrian, as a cannon right above the client’s knee can be a painful experience for the patient.

A flaming horse represents the free will of the rider, a winged mythical animal reveals the artist’s artistic ability, and a tribal animal demonstrates spiritual connection. This design by Abel Miranda combines contrasting tattooing styles – stippling, solid black, and traditional elements – to create a striking piece of art. A unique eye and geometric pattern work create a blend of neo-traditional and realism in this tribal equine tattoo.


A traditional Thoroughbred tattoo features a letter indicating the horse’s year of birth, four or five numbers, and an asterisk to indicate a foaled outside North America. If you are unsure about the history of your horse’s tattoo, the Jockey Club offers a free lookup service and research, and the Jockey Club has a list of common questions. In addition, there is a Frequently Asked Question section online for the general public.


A freeze brand is placed on the neck area below the mane, to identify the owner and the horse. Kryo-Kinetics Associates, Inc. provides technicians to apply the mark, and maintains a record of its placement and history. A frozen brand is more durable than hot branding, and is less painful for the horse. A freezing brand is less likely to damage the skin, and it is more accurate than a hot one.


Using a freeze brand is a permanent way to identify a horse. This form of identification is the most ancient form of horse marking, and dates back to ancient times. Its original purpose was to ward off evil spirits. Today, it is mostly used to identify the breed of the animal and its domicile. Depending on the location, the image can be a personal or business symbol. It’s possible to get a freeze brand on the horse’s neck and face by having a vet make a copy of the animal.


Those who own Thoroughbreds can have their horses’ information registered with the Jockey Club. A lip tattoo is one of the most popular forms of horse marking, and is used to verify the identity of a racehorse. Its purpose is to identify the horse with the help of a veterinary professional. However, there are risks associated with this process. While the lip tattoo is permanent, it can be removed and replaced by a microchip.


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