How to Create a Horse Marking Tattoo

In the horse world, tattooing a horse’s upper lip is ancient.   But the effective form of identification.  It also prevents ringers or false substitutions of horses in races from taking advantage of customers.

In the United States, thoroughbreds who compete at non-pari-mutuel tracks may receive identifying tattoos from their TRPB-accredited trainers without pain.

Line art

Watercolours may be the way to go if you want to add colour to your horse marking tattoo.  These ethereal designs look beautiful on light skin.  But tend to fade faster than darker inks.

However, hard black lines like this one are more durable.  And capable of withstanding the test of time.  Plus, they’re more forgiving than softer shades.  So many tattoo artists recommend them for darker skin tones.


Horses are iconic symbols in many cultures.  It represents freedom, bravery and strength.  Additionally, they symbolize loyalty, love and devotion.

Tattoos of horses can be an inspiring symbol.  It signifies the unbreakable bond between horse and rider.  They may also symbolize family, faith, or heroism.

Horse-themed gifts are ideal for horse enthusiasts.  Or anyone with an affinity for riding, racing, and horses.  The horse’s powerful spirit animal energy can help rekindle your inner fire.  It’s when you feel deflated or tired.

Moving image

Suppose you want to demonstrate your equine talents.  Or honour a significant horse-related event.  Plenty of ideas are available.  One popular option is creating a moving image.  It offers more impact.  It is easier to describe and discuss when discussing horses with others.

Another option is using line art designs.  These are faster and less painful than traditional Tattoos.  But remember that line art is fading quickly.  So be sure to protect it!

Negative space

Horse marking Tattoos are an excellent way to add whimsical charm.  And wonder about your body art.  They also make ideal candidates for negative space tattoos.  It creates an optical illusion by drawing around the design.  But leaving the actual shape blank so that the viewer’s eyes fill in the details.

Negative space Tattoo can be tricky to get right.  It’s wise to consult your local tattoo artist before committing.  Some designs lend themselves better to this technique.

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