The Horus Anubis Tattoo – The God of the Afterlife

Anubis and Horus are two Egyptian gods of the dead. They protect and guide those who have passed away. Their symbols make perfect tattoos. They focus on life after death.

Many people get Anubis tattoos as a reminder of a beloved loved one who has passed away. Especially for those who have lost a beloved pet.

Dramatic Chest Tattoo

Today, upper-chest Tattoos are difficult. Tattoo businesses abound, thankfully. Size, shape, and colour are easier than you think! Pentagrams and other strong designs look and feel great! It’s cheap too! Remember: choosing a design is the hardest part. Before locating it. Eventually worth it!

Legs Tattoo

A leg Tattoo is an ideal way to showcase a large design on the body. The thigh area is one of the largest areas for skin in humans.

The thigh is the ideal location for a bold, detailed Tattoo design that will turn heads! These types of art use heavy blacks, vibrant colors, and precise lines to craft stunning imagery. The art is a form of ” sex art ” that is often portrayed in a variety of media.

Anubis is an ancient Egyptian god that symbolizes life after death. It also symbolizes spiritual beliefs about these topics. The tattoo is a way to pay respect to those who have passed away. It can also express your spiritual beliefs regarding death and its afterlife.

Cartoon Anubis Tattoo

Ancient Egyptian culture reveres Anubis as the god of death and the afterlife. He is also said to be responsible for mummification. He protects those who have passed away and guards over them.

Anubis was often depicted with a jackal head to ward off scavengers. Scavengers would dig up human remains in ancient times.

This tattoo is ideal for anyone who appreciates bold, eye-catching designs. Please be aware that it takes approximately 2-4 hours to get this print completed. So make sure you plan accordingly!

Anubis’ eyes are typically inked with red ink, signifying power. This tattoo is ideal for those who like to show off their dominance and strength.

Large Print Anubis Tattoo

Anubis, the Egyptian god of mummification and death, represents death and rebirth. He protects afterlife souls. His tattoo honours deceased loved ones for many. Others get his tattoo to convey their spiritual ideas about death.

Many people represent ma’at with Anubis. An Islamic ideal that promotes truth, honour, and balance. The flail or ankh symbolise this idea. Anubis-themed full-body tattoos.

Anubis artwork can create striking back pieces that tell stories in vivid detail. Some artists prefer to call upon Horus, the sky god and protector of royalty. When designing this tattoo.

Simple Anubis Tattoo

For a timeless Tattoo design, the horus anubis is one of the top choices. This Egyptian god symbolizes strength, confidence and protection for those he cares about in the afterlife.

People with this kind of outlook in life often opt for Anubis tattoos. This is to symbolize that they are confident and prepared to face challenging circumstances. With someone watching over them from above.

Anubis Tattoos don’t need to break the bank and they take minimal time to complete. This makes them ideal for those who appreciate Egyptian mythology. They are also ideal for those who want to incorporate that element into their tattoo design.

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