Tattoo Ideas That Remind You of Your Imperfection

Tattoos can be an excellent way to express yourself.   And show others who you are.  But it may take work to find the ideal design.  That perfectly represents who you are.

Are you feeling self-conscious about your flaws?  A ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ tattoo could be just what you need!

Mark Twain quote

Quote tattoos have become an increasingly popular trend in recent years.  It’s from mini tats to entire paragraphs from beloved books.  Not only are they fun and unique.  But they make great gifts as well.  So why treat yourself to something unique this month with a new ink purchase?

Quote Tattoos offer the unique advantage of choosing which part of your body best reflects your aesthetic sensibilities.  We’ve got some attractive options.  That will turn heads wherever they go.  So look and find your dream for someone special in your life.  Good luck – you will find the perfect design!

Shane Koyczan quote

Koyczan is a Canadian spoken word poet and author.  Who has tackled issues such as bullying, cancer, and death.  And eating disorders in his works.  His anti-bullying poem “To This Day” has amassed over 20 million views on YouTube alone.

He has published three books: Visiting Hours, Our Deathbeds Will be Thirsty, and Stickboy.  His first collection was chosen as one of the best books of 2005 by both The Guardian and Globe and Mail.

Wayne Gretzky quote

Wayne Douglas Gretzky, affectionately known as “The Great One,” is one of Canada’s most beloved hockey players.  And the leading scorer in NHL history, with more goals and assists than any other player.

He succeeded in hockey by using his imagination and planning.  And anticipating opponents’ moves.  This has earned him the title of the greatest hockey player ever.

Michael Jordan quote

Michael Jordan’s quotes can serve as a powerful reminder to accept yourself for who you are.  No matter your imperfections.  This Tattoo idea has become particularly popular among those.  Who strive to ensure their confidence doesn’t suffer due to self-doubt.

As a basketball player, MJ is renowned for his hard work.  And devotion to the game.  He led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships.  And earned five MVP awards.

John D. Rockefeller’s quote

Rockefeller was an affluent businessman.  Who helped establish Standard Oil.  Additionally, he displayed great philanthropy by donating substantial sums of money to various causes.

He was extremely cautious, always double-checking his decisions before proceeding with them.  Additionally, he was meticulous in his business dealings.  And firmly believed in the significance of contracts.

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