Japanese Girl Tattoos – The Symbolism Behind Japanese Girl Tattoos

When considering getting inked, it’s essential to consider the symbolism behind your choice. Japanese Tattoos have a long history and are packed with significance.

A Japanese girl’s tattoo lets you express yourself and tell a story. There are many designs, each with its symbolic significance.


The Lotus is iconic, signifying purity, spiritual awakening, faithfulness, rebirth, and resurrection.

Different lotus species have distinct meanings. In Buddhism and Hinduism, Nelumbo nucifera is sacred.

Religious art depicts these flowers because they thrive in murky waters. They are powerful symbols of spiritual renewal and growth for those seeking guidance.

Getting a lotus tattoo is ideal for those searching for a flower design that expresses their personality and style. Before choosing, research its meaning.

Women often opt for the wrist as a symbol of love. It’s an intimate area near the heart, making it particularly meaningful.


The crane tattoo is an exquisite symbol that holds many meanings across cultures. Not only does it signify good luck and longevity, but also beauty and grace.

This symbol is used by men and women to show strength, courage, peace, fidelity, and patience with deserving people.

Traditional Asian culture considers the crane a sacred animal that brings newborn babies to blessed families. A crane tattoo is a great way to bring luck into your life.

Cranes are inspirational spirit animals for those with the patience and strength to tackle difficulties. They teach us to persevere no matter what.


The Dragon Tattoo is a powerful symbol of strength and power. Men often opt for them, but women also sport them as part of their attire.

Dragons symbolize different things in different cultures. In Chinese culture, for instance, dragons signify wisdom and good luck.

They are also a symbol of balance and protection in Japanese culture.

In the Spirited Away anime series, Haku, the White Dragon, saves Chihiro multiple times from danger. Long whiskers and a pearl under his chin symbolize wealth and prosperity.

If you are a fan of this beloved show, consider getting a dragon tattoo as a tribute. Supporting one of anime’s most beloved series with these mythical creatures symbolizes strength and power!


The Irezumi Tattoo style is one of the most unique in existence. Japanese mythical beast and flower woodblock prints inspired it.

Irezumi are images meant to tell stories, inspire aspirations and showcase character traits. They also express your spirituality.

When selecting an irezumi symbol, it’s essential to understand its significance. Some of the most popular are:

Tiger: Tigers are often depicted as courage, protection, and strength symbols in Irezumi designs. Wearing one shows you can gracefully defend your property and dignity.

Crane: This bird of happiness is highly revered in Japan’s irezumi tradition as a sign of longevity and good luck. It often appears in folktales from Japan.

In addition to a diverse animal population, Japanese people also greatly respect nature and its cycle of life. Cherry blossoms, which bloom for 14 days and then die, symbolize this belief.


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