Justin Bieber Tattoos

Justin Bieber boasts an impressive tattoo collection and loves to show it off.  Recently, he shared a series of up-close shots that displayed the artwork all over his body.

He displays art on his arms, legs, and face.  For the “Anyone” video, he even showed fans how he covered up his tattoos.



Eagle Tattoo

Justin Bieber is no stranger to Tattoos and boasts an array of ink on his body.  Some are religious in nature, while others feature numerals.

Justin Bieber’s most stunning tattoo is the Eagle Tattoo on his left forearm.  This complex design shows how much care he puts into each design.  It truly showcases Justin’s dedication to detail regarding his Tattoos.

Justin wears the eagle as a symbol of strength and courage.  Two qualities he strives to embody.  His large crucifix and Son of God tattoo his chest and stomach.  It demonstrates his devotion to Christianity.

Justin’s signature Tattoo is the compass tattoo on his upper arm.  This design reminds him that he must always have direction in life.

His necklace also holds a profound spiritual significance.  It symbolises his relationship with Hillsong Church pastor Carl Lentz.  And the Christian instruction he has received through him.

Additionally, the compass stands for “when your head is low, raise it.” It serves as a reminder that Justin strives to keep his head up and strive for more incredible things.

Justin’s tattoo of an owl, inked on his left forearm back in October 2012, symbolizes wisdom.  This symbolism has long been associated with knowledge and intelligence.

Justin also proudly displayed a Japanese Kanji character for music on his arm in 2012.  This tattoo serves his passion for the arts.

It’s no surprise Justin has numerous tattoos.  These include religious, animal and flower designs on his arms and torso.

In the spring of 2014, Bieber added a boombox to his collection of Tattoos.  Though he wasn’t around when they first became popular.  He has an affinity for music.

In memory of his mother, Pattie Mallette, he got the birth year 1975 inked onto his collarbone’s left side.  Written in Roman numerals, this has been his great pride ever since.

Son of God Tattoo

Justin Bieber is a devout Christian, as evidenced by his numerous tattoos.  His collection includes portraits of Jesus and crosses on his face.  And angel wings on his back.  Additionally, the words “Purpose” are tattooed above his belly button.

He sports tattoos on his arms, chest and feet as well.  Additionally, he has several small designs on his hands depicting Chinese characters with special meaning.

Justin Bieber recently got a Son of God tattoo.  It has quickly become one of his most popular designs.  It features an image that many fans adore.

This tattoo symbolizes that he is a child of God and completely trusts Him.  Additionally, it serves as a reminder that he will spend eternity with His loving arms.

The tattoo was done by a different artist.  He chose celebrity artist JonBoy for this design.

However, this tattoo has some significant issues.  It’s enormous and takes up much space on his chest.  Its design and incorporation are highly complex.  This isn’t a simple tattoo and looks very gothic.

His tattoo features an intricate design featuring arches, angels and what appears to be the gates of heaven.  It must have taken him a considerable amount of time to complete.

Many people disapprove of this tattoo.  And there have been many negative comments online about it.  On the other hand, some adore its design.  And think it looks fantastic on them.

He has recently been heavily involved with Hillsong Church.  He may have moved onto a spiritual journey.  This tattoo could also serve to demonstrate his devotion to Christianity.


Eyeball Tattoo

Many may view Justin Bieber as a pretty-boy pop star who sings often.  But there’s more to him than just his music.  This is particularly evident regarding the tattoos he sports on his body.

Justin Bieber recently unveiled an eyeball tattoo on his arm.  As reported by Page Six TV.  The ink appears to be a photo of his mother’s eye.

This tattoo serves as a reminder that his mother, Pattie Mallett, is always keeping an eye on him and keeping an eye on what he’s up to.  The 19-year-old doesn’t do anything that could cause trouble for her.

At 16 years old, he proudly displayed over 60 tattoos.  Some simple designs showcase his personality.  Others contain more profound messages.

Justin Bieber’s tattoos not only express his personality.  But are also symbols of his faith.  These include an eagle representing his American roots and a Son of God tattoo.  And an angel reminding him to stay grounded.

Justin Bieber’s body features an eight-ball tattoo, believed to bring good fortune.  This design was added to the singer’s arm sleeve in February 2013.

Justin Bieber proudly displays an owl tattoo on his right forearm, symbolising wisdom.  This popular design has been seen in celebrities such as Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber’s owl tattoo on his forearm mirrors the one on Canadian Drake’s OVO brand.  Both birds symbolize wisdom.  And Bieber displays it proudly through his musical ability.

Believe Tattoo

Justin Bieber has also chosen to get inks to commemorate significant moments.  His tattoos reflect his passion for music and spiritual beliefs.

He proudly displays a cross tattoo on his left ribcage as a reminder of his devotion to God.  And as an indication of strength and resilience.

Bieber also sports the Hebrew lettering for “Jesus” on his left torso.  He has learned the language to express respect for his religious beliefs.

Bieber also wears a small crown symbol on his chest.  That’s believed to be a tribute to Michael Jackson.  And the Japanese kanji character for “music” on his neck.  It mirrors the treble clef symbol featured in the album artwork for his latest release.

Bieber’s other tattoos include two praying hands inked on his leg.  That is often seen as representing his spiritual beliefs.  Additionally, a portrait of Jesus on his left calf symbolizes faith and the hope for salvation.

His latest tattoo, however, is the Believe design.  His latest album inspired this design.   And he wanted to mark the day it was released with permanent ink.

Bieber shared a photo of his new tattoo on Instagram.  And wrote that it was a great day.  He expressed his joy at commemorating this moment in his life with such an artistic tribute.

Bieber also has several tattoos with religious significance.  Christian cross on his left ribcage.  And Hebrew lettering for “Jesus” on his torso.  When Bieber was sixteen, he got a seagull tattoo to symbolize his devotion.

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