Lights, a Musician, Has Several Unique Tattoos

Canadian pop singer-songwriter Lights sports some distinctive tattoos.  These include large images of comic book characters.  And fictional weapons inspired by video game designs.

Recently, she has embarked on a side business as a tattoo artist.  We met with her to learn more about her fledging business venture.  And look at some of her artwork.

The Listening

Music is one of the world’s most beloved art forms.  Millions around the globe are listening to it.  If you’re a music enthusiast, get inked with a tattoo.  That symbolizes your devotion to this form of expression makes perfect sense.

Are you searching for a music note tattoo or something more intricate?  There are plenty of great options to choose from.  These Tattoos will show everyone that you appreciate music.  And can be an excellent way to show off your style and taste in design.

Show off your passion for music with a guitar tattoo.  This powerful instrument can produce various tones.  And add visual interest to a song.

This Tattoo depicts a guitar with musical notes written on it.  This unique design will surely catch the attention of anyone.  Who passes by and takes notice.

Midnight Machines

Canadian electropop artist Lights recently reinterpreted eight songs from her Juno Award-winning LP Little Machines for an acoustic EP, Midnight Machines, due Friday, April 8.  This stripped-down collection puts Lights’ wispy alto voice in complete focus.

Lights’ album opener, “Portal,” marks a dramatic shift in their soundscape.  Lyrically, the track is more abstract.  And mysterious yet still contains elements of self-reflection.

As always, her acoustic work exudes a personal touch, especially on Midnight Machines.  Her performances are so heartfelt.  You feel she’s speaking directly to you instead of just recording for the record.

As the title implies, these vibrant colors take her original songs to a new level.  It’s one of her best acoustic releases to date.  And if you’re searching for an emotionally charged listening experience.  It is worth checking out.

Little Machines

Musicians often get tattooed on their bodies.   To commemorate the release of their latest album or pay homage to a favorite singer-songwriter.  Lights have several designs, including this little lion from her Little Machines LP.  Ad a hearthstone from World of Warcraft.

She boasts an array of Tattoo on her fingers.  But the most noticeable tattoo on her wrist might be the latest one.  A captivating hearthstone from one of her favorite video games.

Halsey is another musician with a tattoo connected to her music.  She got this design on her arm during the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tour as an affectionate nod to producer ex-boyfriend Lido.

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