Little Tattoos – The Latest Trend in Body Art

Tiny tattoos are the latest craze in body art.  These subtle designs give people a permanent marker without forgoing an important design.

Small Tattoos are much easier to conceal than larger designs.   They can be hidden during swimming and other activities.   The body ink would not be appropriate.

Lion Tattoo

Lions are an iconic symbol.  Lion tattoos symbolize strength and bravery.  Lion cub tattoos are a symbol of family.

The majestic roar of a lion is an inspiring sound.  It has long been associated with African sovereignty.

Lions may appear intimidating.  But they are highly social creatures who form extended family units.

Their strength in numbers allows them to hunt.  And protect their pride with ease.

Lions are considered generalist carnivores.  They can be taught to eat a variety of prey items.

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Their main diet consists mainly of mammals.

Crowns are an iconic sign of royalty.  Wearing one on your skin serves to symbolize your inner strength.

Your crown reminds you to be your best self, making it all the more meaningful.  Feel free to incorporate something personal into the mix for an even greater impact.

The crown has its roots in ancient Rome.  Symbolizing divine intervention and the wisdom of kings.

Today it’s also associated with victory.

Many prominent individuals sport crown Tattoo.  Some of the world’s most influential leaders.   These designs often include other symbols like crosses or swords to signify one’s superiority over others.  And demonstrate dominance over society in general.


Dragons are mythical creatures that appear in many tales throughout history.  While they are usually associated with evil.  Dragons symbolize strength and power in some cultures.

Tattooing a Dragon is an expressive way to show your devotion to this mythical creature.

There are various designs you can select from.  But always respect the cultural appropriation and meaning behind each image.


Anime is one of the world’s most beloved forms of entertainment.  This type of animation uses cells and characters painted on transparent sheets of celluloid.  That is layered over one another to create animated cartoons.

Anime appeals mainly to younger viewers, such as kids and teens.  Some adult-oriented programming may contain manga-inspired material.

Whether you’re an anime fan or simply appreciate Japanese culture, there are countless anime tattoo designs to choose from.  From vibrant fighting scenes to smaller character outlines, there’s something for every Tattoo enthusiast!


If you’re drawn to vibrant tattoos.  But if you are hesitant about covering up your entire thigh with ink.  Small designs may be your ideal solution.  While these smaller designs are more affordable than their larger counterparts.  They can still look just as attention-grabbing when done well.

Another popular choice for small tattoos is a word or phrase.  These can serve as daily motivation.  Or a tribute to those who have passed away.

If you’re a fan of Disney or anime.  A watercolor tattoo is a perfect way to show devotion to these characters.  Travelers can even get something extra special with an adorable world map tattoo!


Women’s thigh tattoos come in various shapes.  But one popular option is flowers.  These designs look feminine and delicate.

Rose is the floral Tattoo design.  Roses can look delicate or powerful, depending on their meaning and placement.

The thigh is an ideal location for a rose.  It softens your curves and makes them appear longer.

Dragons also look attractive here due to their long, curved bodies, which flatter women.


Tattooing on your ankle is the ideal way to express yourself.  It is essential to note that they may cause some discomfort.

One of the ideal choices for this placement is a mini rosary.  This timeless symbol looks beautiful on an ankle.

Another option is a butterfly tattoo.  This will be perfect for both girls and women.  This design will demonstrate your cheerful spirit.


The forearm is an ideal location for small tattoos.  Due to its lower sensitivity to pain than other body parts, making it a popular choice among first-time tattooees.

Testing out forearm tattoos is an ideal way to see if you like decorating yourself with ink.  If you’re nervous about having a large design done.  Then avail of something smaller first and see how it feels and looks like.

One of the most beloved forearm designs is a flower bouquet.  These can have multiple meanings and be an enjoyable way to show off your style.


One of the most sought-after places for body art is back.  Here, one can go big and detailed with inkings or opt for smaller designs that still look fantastic.

The back is considered low to moderate on the tattoo pain scale.  Its thick skin and fewer nerve endings make it less painful than other body areas.

Women often opt for bold designs like angel wings.  But are now starting to explore more subdued alternatives as well.

Flower tattoos are a popular choice for this area.  They can range in style from cute to sophisticated.  Roses are timeless symbols of life, beauty, and love.  But there’s no limit to what types of blooms you can select from!

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