Live Before You Die Tattoo

Tattoos have long been used for healing, rebellion, punishment, expression, and memory.

Some people get a Memento Mori tattoo as a tribute to those who have passed away.  This simple yet powerful gesture helps us remember them forever.

Embrace the inevitability of death.

As a human being, you must accept that death is inevitable.  Acceptance strengthens and allows you to make the most of life’s opportunities.

Preparing for death is a wise idea.  You will be aware when the time comes.  Write a will and a living will let those close to you know what should happen with your belongings after your passing.  This way, those who care about you most can plan accordingly.

In addition to these preparations, consider getting a tattoo.  That serves as a reminder of your mortality.  This could be done with a quote.  Or an image expresses something important about death.  And its inevitable nature.

War versus peace

One popular tattoo design is the peace sign.  Not only does it look good on your body.  But it serves as a powerful symbol of unity and goodwill.  Plus, it helps show your support for troops fighting in distant wars by showing solidarity with their families.

There is much discussion over whether or not peace will ever truly prevail on Earth.  While peace may be noble, its attainment requires significant effort.  Indeed, the latest Global Peace Index shows that conflict has increased year after year.


Reincarnation is the belief that part of one’s soul survives death and is reborn into a new body.  This belief is central to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.  And some theosophical and New Age groups.

Reincarnation is a controversial concept in the West.  This is partly because Western religions view time linearly.  And reincarnation is an expansive journey rather than a short sprint.

Believing in reincarnation is not necessarily wrong or nonsensical.  Indeed, groundbreaking research has demonstrated that it certainly takes place.

Many people have had experiences that indicate a past life.  It’s like a dream, irrational fears.  Or an affinity for other cultures or eras.  These can be interpreted by believers in reincarnation as evidence of previous lives.

The hourglass

The hourglass is a timeless symbol of a time that symbolizes mortality and change.  The sand floats from one bulb to the next.  It serves as a reminder that life is short.  And death is inevitable.

Many people choose an hourglass tattoo as a reminder of their mortality.  Or that of someone close to them.  It is a gentle push towards living life before it’s too late.  And encourages them to embrace each moment with all it offers.

Some people also like to incorporate glass into their Tattoo designs.  It creates a more personalized representation of this iconic symbol.  The sand in the mirror can be colored.  And textured according to your preferred aesthetic.  Or opt for plain black ink for an understated effect.

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