LV Tattoo Designs For Spring 2011

Tattoos are back, and designers are showing their appreciation.  Gucci recently unveiled a tattoo-inspired handbag line.  And Chanel has even introduced temporary fashion tattoos.

Louis Vuitton and LVMH have joined forces with tattoo artist Scott Campbell to design some men’s bags.  It’s for their 2011 Spring Summer Men’s Collection.  Not only have the leather bags featured tattoo-inspired imagery.  But Campbell also decorated runway models with temporary Tattoos shaped like LV logos and dragons.

Louis Vuitton Bag Tattoos

At Men’s Fashion Week in Paris.  Louis Vuitton took their love affair with Tattoos to new heights.  They collaborated with tattoo artist Scott Campbell to design some bags to commemorate the occasion.  It features images inspired by Tattoo.  Furthermore, Campbell decorated some models on the runway with temporary tattoos depicting LV logos, dragons, and flourishes.

Gucci and Chanel have both released temporary tattoos in the past.  But LV is one of the first luxury brands to enter this market.  Hopefully, LV will soon release a spray-on version of their monogram.  So fans can get their Louis Vuitton temporary tattoo whenever they please.  It would be an enjoyable way to show your loyalty.  Without having to get it permanently inked onto their skin!

Louis Vuitton Symbol Tattoos

Tattoos have seen a meteoric rise in popularity among fashionistas.  And with good reason.  Designers such as Gucci and Chanel have even launched collections inspired by tattoos.  While Yves Saint Laurent even commissioned a film about the practice of tattooing!

Louis Vuitton Dragon Tattoos

Women are searching for unique Tattoo designs.  And LV has developed some incredible dragon designs.  That fits perfectly into girls’ aesthetics.  And will surely incite their warrior spirit.  These designs will surely turn heads wherever they go!

This black dragon tattoo is an excellent example.  It’s like how a simple dragon design can still look stunningly stylish.  The artist used shades of black in one small area.  To create contrast and make the tattoo stand out.

This tattoo features orchid flowers to create an exquisite contrast with the dragon.  It’s ideal for girls who adore dragons.  But want to stay moderate with details like scales or hair.

Louis Vuitton Script Tattoos

Gucci has already joined the tattoo trend.  But Louis Vuitton is taking things to another level with their temporary branded tattoos.  These trendy quick designs will surely get many admiring glances.

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