Male Back of Neck Tattoos

Tattoos on the neck have become increasingly popular for men.  It’s due to their smaller canvas.  And ease of cover-up when needed.

The neck is thin and delicate.  So be prepared for pain when getting inked.  Fortunately, back-of-neck Tattoos are less painful than front designs.  It’s due to their lower placement on the body.


Angels are a beloved tattoo design for men.  They symbolize peace, beauty, love, and purity.  All told through this iconic design.

Religious angel tattoos are popular among men.  Who wants to demonstrate devotion to a higher power.  Or seek divine guidance.  These designs can be placed on the neck and arms.  Or legs for added visual impact and comfort.

Angels with wings are famous for male back-of-neck tattoos.  It represents those who have passed away.  Or paying tribute to someone close to your heart.

Front of the Neck

The front of the neck is one of the body’s most exposed and delicate places.  It’s due to its thin skin and nerve endings.  Getting a tattoo in this area can be highly painful without topical anesthetics.

One popular neck Tattoo design design is a skull.  This design is ideal for guys.  Who wants to express their fearlessness.

Back of the Neck

The back of the neck is a popular spot for males.  Neck Tattoo are due to their smaller design possibilities.  And relative lack of pain compared to other areas, such as the front or sides.

The neck is an ideal location to display bold designs.  That captured people’s attention.  Famous examples include tribal art, skulls, and demons.

Men can ink something expressing their beliefs.  Like religious symbols, barcodes, or patriotic tattoos.

Men who live by love-guiding principles would benefit significantly from a peace neck Tattoo.  It’s an inspiring symbol.  That conveys your courage to stand up for what you believe in.

Side of the Neck

Men who don’t want a whole piece on their front neck can opt for side neck tattoos.  Hence it’s much sexier and offers endless design possibilities.

Roses are classic for men.  But any flower can look lovely around the neck.  Wearing them as a tribute to someone close to you who has passed away.  It is an elegant touch.  And can serve as a lasting reminder.

Dragons and daggers make excellent neck tattoo ideas.  It’s Due to their strength and power, making them suitable for this area.

The side of the neck can be less painful for a neck tattoo than the front or back.  But it is essential to remember that this area is fragile.  And it is filled with nerve endings.

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