Disney Tattoos – 5 Matching Disney Tattoos

Disney fans looking to show affection for their favorite films can benefit from getting a tattoo.  But, selecting which design to get can be challenging.

We’ve curated some fantastic Disney-inspired tattoo ideas to make it easy for you.  From small, subtle tats to large princess portraits, these designs will bring a smile.

1.  Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell is a charismatic, outspoken fairy who has appeared in numerous Disney films.  She has become one of Disney’s most famous unofficial mascots and branding icons.  Having become one of their most cherished brand ambassadors.

Walt Disney initially imagined Tinker Bell as a petite woman for his animated version.  Similar to the actress who played the lead in Barrie’s original play.  Walt decided she would do so through bells ringing to ensure her speaking ability.

Jimmy Macdonald helps create Tinker Bell’s language using bell sounds.  Through this collaboration, Macdonald transformed Tinker Bell into her iconic form.

2.  Mickey and Minnie

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are two of the most beloved cartoon characters ever created.  Created by Walt Disney in 1928.  These unique icons have been with us ever since.

Their popularity has never wavered.  And they remain a beloved couple among both kids and adults.  Tattoos featuring them can serve as a lasting reminder of love and romance.

If you love Disney and Pixar, why not get matching Disney Tattoo to show your admiration?  They’ll last forever and remind you of the particular person in your life.

3.  Cinderella

Cinderella is one of the beloved Disney Princesses.  And an inspiration to many.  She is a kind girl who perseveres despite adversity to find happiness.

This timeless European folktale has been told in various versions throughout history, with scholars identifying at least 345 variants.  The plot revolves around the youngest daughter being mistreated by her jealous stepmother.  And elder stepsisters, an intervening supernatural helper to save her.  And finally, the involvement of a prince who falls in love with her and marries her.

Though Cinderella is a beautiful story, it does contain dark undertones.  There are versions where her stepmother.  And sisters consume her mother.  Similarly, Cinderella’s fairy godmother is not her mother.  But an evil witch with a sinister plan for her.

4.  Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is often considered one of Disney’s finest works.  Tells the tale of a cursed princess needing true love.  As her prince embarks on his quest to find her, he must overcome many obstacles.

Early versions of the story were quite dark and unsuitable for children.  But thanks to the Grimm Brothers’ adaptation.  We now know a much kinder version.  This classic fairy tale remains immensely popular today with kids and adults alike.

5.  The Lion King

Disney’s The Lion King tells the tale of Simba.  A young lion cub who will ultimately rule over the Pride Lands.  However, when his father, Mufasa, is assassinated by Scar.  Simba becomes convinced that he must bear responsibility for what has transpired.

He becomes convinced that he must flee to avoid Scar’s fury.  On returning to the Pride Lands, Simba finds a dark and lonely land ruled by his uncle Scar.

To save his kingdom, Simba must overcome his fear.  And discover the strength of love with help from friends like Timon and Pumbaa.  Simba fights to protect animals in the Pride Lands while regaining his crown.

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