Mayan Tattoo Drawings

Mayan tattoo designs are an elegant way to pay homage to a culture known for its intricate stone carvings.

These body modifications often featured mystical symbols and spiritual animals.  These modifications tied their bearers closer to the Mayan gods.  And could bring them good luck or success in battle.

Sun and Moon

The Mayans were deeply spiritual beings.  And tattooing was an essential ritual.  Placing an image of a god on one’s body was believed to bring luck.  And protection from evil spirits.

The sun and moon were significant symbols to them.  The sun symbolized eternal life and rebirth.  The moon represented the cycle of night and day.

At their peak, the ancient Mayans used an intricate system of hieroglyphs still preserved on pottery.  These designs can be seamlessly integrated into tattoo drawings as a beautiful way to pay homage.

In this section, you’ll find an array of Mayan tattoos.  Each offers its interpretation and significance.  Some are simple depictions, while others boast intricate design details.


The eagle in Mayan tattoo drawings symbolizes inner strength and courage.  It also represents freedom, a higher calling.  A guiding light that can soar above others to protect the earth.

Another popular design is the Hunab Ku.  An intricate circle symbol representing peace and balance.  Those looking to add cultural influence and wisdom to their body art often choose this design.

Mayan tattoos often feature sun and earth symbols.  These designs symbolize a connection with a more significant force at work.  An ever-shifting yet steady force that will guide you through tricky times to good ones.

Bats and snakes are two animal symbols commonly featured in Mayan Tattoo.  These designs hold deep significance for those inked on their bodies.   So consider what these designs mean before deciding which design best suits you.


The lion is revered in many ancient cultures.  And holds a special place in Buddhism, where they represent bodhisattvas.  Beings who have attained high spiritual levels of development.


If you’re a big fan of the lion, plenty of Tattoos incorporate this majestic animal.  From tribal to American traditional, there’s sure to be one that perfectly expresses your style.

Lion tattoos can be Tattooed on any part of the body.  But are particularly popular in areas like the chest, back, arms, and legs.  These larger areas allow for more detailed designs.  It makes them perfect for those seeking to add fierceness and power to their tattoos.

Portrait of a Mayan

Mayan culture is rich in art, architecture,  and symbolism.  Modern-day Mayans live within the same region where their civilization first emerged.


Tattoos inspired by Mayan art often resemble sculptures in temples or hieroglyphics that decorated buildings.  These designs provide plenty of inspiration to those seeking an eye-catching addition to their body art.

These ancient civilizations were renowned for their astounding astronomical and mathematical accomplishments.  And accurate predictions of the movement of the sun, moon, and stars.  As such, many Mayan tattoo artists prefer to incorporate astrology signs.  And other symbols into their artwork.

Animals were integral to indigenous cultures, so jaguars, snakes, and eagles are commonly depicted in tattoo art.  In many cultures, these creatures symbolize agility, strength, and potency.  They signify man’s relationship to nature through the underworld, life, and fertility.

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