Memorial Cross Tattoos

Memorial cross tattoos are an uplifting way to keep the memory of a special someone close by.  You can personalize it by adding their name for greater significance.

Whether you prefer a subtle tattoo or something more intricate, plenty of designs exist.  You can even incorporate elements like rosary beads.  Or stars into your design for added meaning.

Maltese cross

The Maltese cross is the emblem of the Knights of Malta.  A military and religious order that bravely battled.  And triumphed during the Crusades.  Nowadays, it serves as a reminder of courage and honor for many civic organizations.

The eight points on the Maltese cross symbolize both the lands of origin of Knights Hospitallers.  And their obligations to God, humanity, and themselves.  They include being truthful; humbling oneself.  Striving for justice and showing mercy.  And bearing up under persecution.

The eight points also symbolize the firefighter’s values of perseverance.  These are loyalty, skill, explicitness, observation, tact, sympathy, and gallantry.  The Maltese cross has become a beloved icon for firefighters worldwide.  It can be found on station patches, apparatus logos, and union emblems.


If you have a deep devotion to Christianity, consider getting a cross tattoo on your forearm.  The cross symbolizes Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and death on the cross.

The cross symbolizes love, courage, and hope.  That is why it’s often worn by those going through difficult times.

Another popular choice is a memorial cross, which honors those we have lost.  These crosses can be inked with names, dates of birth, and death.  Or just an inspirational message.

Before getting a tattoo on your forearm, it’s essential to consider the healing process.  Wearing loose-fitting clothing may help restrict blood and air flow during recovery.


The back is ideal for getting a memorial cross tattoo.  There is plenty of space to draw the design.  Personalizing it with names and bible verses can make for an eye-catching design.

Getting a back tattoo can seem intimidating.  But the outcome is worth all the effort.  Not only is it an eye-catching way to display your art.  But it also serves as an integral part of who you are.  And it shows your spirituality.

Regarding back Tattoo, the ideal clothing choice is a loose, comfortable top that allows your skin to breathe.  Clingy clothing can rub against the ink and irritate it.  Plus, remember sunscreen and moisturizers for optimal care of your ink’s look and feel!


A sleeve Tattoo is an expressive tribute to a beloved, usually from shoulder to wrist.  This design often features a cross.

sleeve Tattoos are an elegant way to honor a particular person.  And can be worn proudly or discreetly.  Additionally, they may be part of a full-body Tattoo for added effect.

Before opting for a sleeve, deciding on an aesthetic is essential.  Consider your overall theme, how to connect existing Tattoos, and which transition elements you would like to include.

Once you have a clear vision for your sleeve tattoo, contact an artist and arrange a consultation.  This will allow you to find an artist who meets your requirements.  And has experience working on such designs.


A tribal cross tattoo is an expressive way to display your religious convictions.  And symbolize strength and protection.

These designs are not only a symbol of the Christian faith.   But can also serve as an opportunity to honor loved ones.  You can add names or dates as a tribute to someone who has passed away.

You can also add floral elements to make them even more eye-catching.  Roses are trendy since they symbolize Mary, the Virgin.

Thorns are another wonderful symbol that symbolizes Jesus’ sacrifice.  You can place these symbols above or beneath your tribal cross for added impact.

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