Simple But Mighty – The Great Wave Tattoo

Tattoo designs featuring the great wave have long been a symbol of power and strength. They remind us that we can fight the tide or let it carry us where we need to go.

Zihee, a Seoul-based artist, creates these vibrant pieces without using any line work. Instead, she utilizes bright pigment to define geometric-inspired shapes.

Mountain and Waves

Mountains are a popular Tattoo design choice for those who appreciate nature. But they don’t have to be your main focus. If you’d prefer something less formal, use curved lines and minimal detailing to soften their impact.

Wave tattoos are ideal for mountain enthusiasts, representing the ocean and water in general. They can elicit many emotions and make great minimalist tattoos on the wrist or ankle.

Sun & Waves

Choose one featuring the sun and waves for a design that stands out. These two symbols symbolize vitality and optimism, helping to keep you motivated throughout life.

There are plenty of designs, whether you opt for a full hand tattoo or just something small. Check out some of our favourites below!

Love & Waves

Love waves are surface waves that move parallel to Earth’s surface. They travel faster than Rayleigh waves and produce a perpendicular angle-to-angle motion.

Sediment velocities 12,35 can explain secondary microseism waves 9,10,11,12,13,14 and bathymetry changes 14,15,16.

Geometric Waves

Geometric waves are the perfect way to showcase the splendour of nature. You can find these designs on fabric by the yard, wallpaper and home decor items alike.

Waves are an elusive but fascinating natural phenomenon that we cannot see but must nonetheless observe. Their movement, reflection, and scattering create beautiful patterns.

Travelling Waves

Waves can enchant surfers, water sports enthusiasts and ocean lovers alike. Waves are one of the most captivating elements in nature.

Waves can be dangerous and beautiful, but they symbolize peace and serenity, which is why they’re so popular as tattoo designs.

Adventure Waves

A wave is a symbolic sign of life’s exploration. Daring people seek new physical and emotional experiences.

It’s no shock that waves have been named the ocean’s most intelligent creatures. These minimalist Tattoo are an affordable way to show your strength.

Small Waves

Waves may not always be big and scary. But they remain an iconic symbol of water with multiple meanings.

Tattooing wave designs is an excellent way to show your love of the ocean and express yourself creatively.

It’s wise to find an artist experienced in designing this type of artwork. Make sure they can accurately capture the watery feeling and render it realistically.

Delicate Waves

Wave tattoos are a beloved choice among water enthusiasts. They can symbolize peace, harmony, and an intimate connection to the ocean.

Tattoos can also symbolize letting go of control or moving with the flow of life. These designs are ideal for anyone seeking a stylish yet subdued tattoo design.

Cute Waves

Wave Tattoos are a widely sought-after design, available in various styles. Whether small and black or filled with vibrant dabs of watercolour paint, waves often symbolize the ocean. They also symbolize an appreciation for nature.

This minimalist yet stunning wave tattoo showcases precise Blackwork and impressive shading skills. The circular background frames the waves perfectly. Making them impossible to ignore.

Large Waves

Waves are an iconic symbol for water, often associated with astrological signs like Aquarius or Pisces.

This minimalist tattoo depicts large waves in a circle. It’s an understated yet stylish design that is easily concealed.

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