No Sacrifice No Victory Tattoo

Tattoos that celebrate depression sufferers and suicide survivors’ willpower and strength are an empowering and inspiring reminder that life’s story hasn’t ended yet – an idea embodied by this tattoo design that can be placed anywhere on their bodies.

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Ethereal Crescent Moon

Witches embrace this ethereal crescent moon symbol as an embodiment of guidance, transformation, and renewal. Its red hue invokes passion, courage, and alchemy – encouraging powerful connections with our intentions and deepest desires.

Like the sun, the moon symbolizes energy and light across various cultures. Additionally, it is associated with intuition, psychic visions, femininity, and the unconscious mind – making it an all-purpose signpost of energy and illumination.

Use the power of this celestial symbol by incorporating its energy into your everyday routine. For instance, making moon water during a waning moon can help purify and cleanse your body, opening up new chapters in life and encouraging forgiveness, clearing away past baggage, and dispelling negative energies from your life.

Our collection of Moon Practices contains additional practices.

Crown of Thorns

One of the most iconic images from Christ’s Passion, a crown of thorns, stands as both a painful reminder and a powerful signpost to sacrifice. Roman soldiers’ intended mockery – turning what was intended as something majestic into something painful and degrading – revealed Jesus to all as both a suffering servant and conquering King.

Crown of Thorns is an attractive indoor plant that thrives under indirect light in sandy, well-draining soil, where its water requirements can be managed judiciously. As it’s considered hardy enough to withstand even the dry air of winter without much fuss, it makes an excellent houseplant or office plant.

Its delicate clusters of bright red or pink petals with yellow centers have spiritual significance to many Christians, making this plant popular as a gifts on anniversaries or weddings. But be wary of spider mites and aphids!

Enigmatic Black Wolf

A black wolf could be a symbol of your changes or powerful truths that are emerging to surface in your life. Additionally, these animals are revered for their loyalty and connection with instinct and intuition.

The black wolf’s characteristic coloring (due to a genetic mutation called Melanism) has made him an iconic and mysterious symbol, often associated with wild, natural forces and the unknown and supernatural realms. These characteristics give this animal its power and mystery associations with various cultures and beliefs worldwide.

Dreams that involve black wolves may symbolize feelings of being taken advantage of or being threatened in some aspect of your life while at the same time acting as a reminder to trust yourself and protect your energy.

While spiritual interpretations may apply directly, be wary that their performance might not fit your specific situation, and for more insight, consult a trusted advisor for advice.

Semicolon with Cross

Tattooing the semicolon symbolizes mental health awareness. The idea is to show those living with mental illness or who have lost someone due to suicide that they are not alone in their struggle. Project Semicolon, an organization that raises awareness about mental illness, self-harm, and suicide, has also made this symbol extremely popular among its supporters.

Many Christian survivors of depression and suicide can find comfort in having a cross with a semicolon tattooed onto their bodies to remind themselves that despite what may seem like dire circumstances, life must go on. This design makes for an eye-catching sleeve tattoo design with meaning.

Music can be an incredible source of healing, particularly for those suffering from depression and suicide. This minimalist tattoo in the form of a musical note with a semicolon represents how powerful music can be as a means of assistance, reminding those struggling that there is always hope available and that any song could be the one that turns things around.

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