Peacock Feather Cover-Up Tattoos

Peacock feather cover-up tattoos are an ideal choice for adding a fresh aesthetic.  They blend in well with other Tattoos.  And come in various colors.

They’re an ideal option for people.  Who wishes to replace a tattoo.  That is either too small or not what they desire.  Tattoos can be placed virtually anywhere on the body.


Peacock feathers are among the world’s most stunning birds.  Yet they symbolize vanity and pride.  Tattoos often feature peacock feathers as they possess multiple meanings.  And can serve as inspiration for unique designs.

Feather Tattoos are incredibly versatile.  And can be worn on any body part.  Women especially adore them for their feminine aesthetic and visual appeal.

The eye of the peacock is an iconic feature of these birds.  It makes it the ideal design element for Tattoos.  You can stylize it as the all-seeing eye of a guardian angel.  Or pair it with other feathers to create more complex designs.

Some might view the eyes on feather peacock tattoos as a symbol of vanity.  And others believe they represent an open mind and willingness to tackle challenges.  When selecting your design for a feather peacock Tattoo, consider its symbolism.  And choose one you love for life!


The peacock is one of the world’s most stunning bird designs.  It boasts many symbolic meanings, such as pride, royalty, and vanity.

The peacock’s vibrant blue-green coloring is believed to symbolize authority.  And traits such as self-assurance and guidance.


When selecting colors for your peacock feather cover-up tattoo, you have many choices of green and blue shades to choose from.  Additionally, you can incorporate any hue with personal or symbolic significance.

A vibrant green shade could symbolize strength.  Dark purple or blue could represent healing.  These floral elements will ensure that your tattoo stands out from others.

The majestic peacock’s beauty, symmetry, and dignity appeal to many tattoo enthusiasts.


A peacock feather cover-up tattoo is an excellent way to showcase your artistic skill.  These intricate designs are popular among women, boasting rich symbolism.

They symbolize freedom, strength, and wisdom.  Additionally, some people associate them with protection and aesthetic appeal.

A peacock’s body striking blue/green extends to its head.  It features an impressive crown-like crest in that same hue.  Tattooing its unique tail feathers is also popular.   Some people opt to include just the head in their design instead.

Watercolor techniques can also enhance these intricate tattoos to give off a soft, delicate effect.  They combine soft colors and delicate linework for even greater realism.

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