Popular Polynesian Tattoo Cover Ups

Polynesian tattoos are an exotic and captivating art form.  It’s with deep cultural and spiritual meanings.  Each symbol carries its special significance within its context.

Every Polynesian tribe has its distinctive style of tattooing.  That expresses traditions and religious beliefs.  While the designs vary from island to island.  But certain characteristics remain constant.

Koi Fish

Koi fish are often featured as a symbol in Polynesian tattoos.  It represents balance, harmony, courage, and strength.

Koi come in an array of colors and patterns.  They may be white, red, or black.

Breed them in Doitsu or Tancho varieties for optimal color development.  Young specimens may show a blue tint.  But should mature into an intense black.


Snakes are a widely-used motif in tattoo art.  Their symbolic significance can be interpreted in many different ways.

Polynesian tattoo designs often incorporate reptiles as symbols for rebirth, life, and immortality.  Additionally, these creatures represent the ocean.  And what lies beyond.


Skulls are a widely beloved design element in Tattoos.  They come in an array of colors.  And styles to suit any aesthetic.

Tattoos can symbolize death.  But they can also signify acceptance.  Bikers often get skull Tattoos.  It’s to demonstrate that they do not fear death.


Florals are one of the most delicate.  And beloved Tattoo designs.  They come in an array of shapes and colors.  And carry different symbolic meanings.

Flower Tattoo are often seen in women.  But can also be found in men.  They’re an elegant way to adorn yourself.  And show off your femininity.

Tiki Face

Tiki faces are representations of gods.  Or attributes important to Polynesian culture.  Carved with intricate detail.  These carvings could be displayed inside homes as decorations.  Or statues for protection.

Tikis were believed to bestow strength and fertility.  And peace upon those wearing them.  It depends on the god or trait represented.  Additionally, they offered protection from evil spirits and foul winds.


Stingrays have flattened fishes with eyes on top.  And mouths beneath.  Gill slits for breathing when hunting.  Stingrays possess spiracles–openings behind their eyes–for protection when underwater.

They typically hunt clams, oysters, and shrimp in shallow water.  Additionally, they have been known to consume squid and snails.


The bicep is a popular tattoo choice among men.  Not only does it accentuate your physique.  But it also adds an edgy, powerful image to the arm.

Black and gray tattoos remain popular.  But multicolor tattoos are becoming increasingly sought-after.  A multicolored bicep tattoo is ideal for anyone wanting to express their unique style.

Wrist Band

Wrist bands are rings.  Or strips of material worn around the wrist or lower arm.  They come in various materials like Tyvek, silicone, and cloth.

Wristbands come in a range of colors.  And can be worn to symbolize various causes or beliefs.  They’re also great for fashion purposes.  Or company promotion if you want to show your support!


Polynesian culture heavily emphasizes the sun.  And many tattoos depict it.  It serves as a powerful symbol of wealth, beauty, and leadership.

Scientists recently observed that the Sun is not yellow at all.  Its hue depends on a combination of wavelengths it emits.

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