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Polynesian tattoos are one of the most complex forms of body art.  They have existed for thousands of years.  It carries a wealth of meaning and tradition.

Traditional Polynesian Tattoos are iconic way.  It’s to identify as part of a group.  Demonstrate your family or rank, and more.  These ancient designs remain popular today.  And many tattoo parlors specialize in them.


Polynesian tattoos have a rich and colorful heritage.  Their symbols symbolize people’s societal positions and achievements.  And even family ancestry.

Polynesian tattoo in new york dates back to 200 CE (1800 years ago).  These designs were much more complex than those found in Samoa and Tonga.

These full-body Tattoos encircled the body.  It symbolized pride for those wearing them.  And helping define their status within society.  And in their village.  The tattooing process was intensive.  It requires multiple sittings with days of rest in between sessions.


Polynesian Tattoo are a distinctive style of body art.  It is found on various islands throughout the Pacific.  Each culture’s designs differ slightly.  And hold special meanings for its followers.

Polynesian tattoos often feature data.  It can represent human figures or divine figures.  Or groups of people.  These symbols convey messages about humanity and relationships.  But may also symbolize defeated enemies when turned upside down.

Polynesian tattoos carry a special significance.  Finding an artist who understands their culture is essential.  They can assist you.  Select the ideal design for your skin type.  And ensure it accurately represents what it means to you.  With this kind of care, your new tattoo will last for years!


There are plenty of styles.  If you’re searching for a Polynesian tattoo.  Each artist offers their unique take on this popular design.  And you won’t find another like it anywhere else.

The tiki design is a popular motif in this style of tattoo art.  These human-like figures symbolize good fortune, protection, and fertility.  And protection for their wearer and guardians over them.

Triangular shapes are another popular motif in Polynesian tattoo art.  They can symbolize shark teeth, shells, and mountains.

Traditional Polynesian artists used various tools to create bold designs on the skin.  It’s like combs made from bone or animal teeth.  And chisels that cut deeper than modern tattooing equipment could reach.

They also used a mallet made of a light wood with lashed heads of tortoise-shell attached.  This tool was then used to tap black pigment into the skin to create the design.


Suppose you are considering getting a Polynesian tattoo.   Finding an artist who can accurately capture your vision is essential.  Hand of Glory Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York, has highly trained artists.  Who will bring your design to life!

Polynesian tattooing is one of the world’s most beloved styles.  These designs typically incorporate interwoven patterns.  To produce a stunning and intricate appearance.

The union of heaven and earth often inspires these patterns.  But it can also serve to illustrate the family history, ran.  Or other identifying details.

Polynesian tattooing has been practiced for centuries as sacred.  And highly sensitive art forms and marking milestones.  And commemorating loved ones.  Unfortunately, this style of tattooing may only be suitable for some.  It should be handled with great caution by those unfamiliar with Polynesian culture.

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