Choosing a Precision Analog Tattoo Power Supply

Selecting the correct power supply is essential to guarantee that.  Your tattoo machine has enough juice and runs at a steady speed.

Today, you have your choice of digital or analog power supplies.  Determine which one best meets your requirements and budget.

Input Voltage

The input voltage ranges from 4 to 12 volts.  It’s for the most precision analog tattoo power supplies.  This amount of voltage is ideal for most tattoo machines and styles.

Standard power supplies often employ Pulse Width Modulation or “chopping” circuits that switch on and off rapidly when activated with a foot pedal.  This results in simulated or average voltages.  That is less precise than steady-state DC voltages.

This power supply is user-friendly.  It features a blue LCD showing you the voltage levels.  It also has a stainless steel flat foot pedal to reduce leg pressure.  This power supply is compatible with rotary and coil machines and offers convenient operation.

Output Voltage

When selecting a precision analog tattoo power supply, its output voltage is one of the most critical factors.  This indicates what level of energy your machine can operate at.

A reliable power supply will always supply the correct voltage during your session.  And you have control over how much electricity is delivered to your machine by altering its settings.  Most power supplies display this information on an LCD screen.  Hence it’s simple to see what you’re working with.  And make changes as needed.

Output Current

When selecting a precision analog tattoo power supply, the output current is one of the most critical factors.  This value will determine how much power can be applied when working with the machine.

The voltage of a Tattoo power supply is also critical.  The higher the voltage, the stronger its output.

A reliable power supply should have a screen displaying information regarding its output.  This makes it simpler to read and operate.  Someolder power supplies use analog dials for voltage display.  However, LCD digital screens offer greater accuracy and user-friendliness.

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