Scrooge McDuck Tattoo meaning – What Does He Have to Do With My Tattoo?

Scrooge duck tattoo is a small Image meaning a person who has a very poor sense of ethics. This is the character that appears on the series of the Adventures of Peter Pan. This character is not only a very likable character but also the most depicted in the story. He was an orphan that lived with his friends and relatives in Neverland. He was an odd looking fellow, always dressed in a way to make him stand out, yet at the same time always giving the same attitude.

The designs on this small Tattoo are many and varied. Some people get this tattoo as a reminder to be kind to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Others choose to have this small Tattoo because of the symbolism of it.

Many choose this small Image meaning for other reasons. A popular one is that this character was an avid bird hunter. He would often come back to the forest to find the lost birds. With this Tattoo, he would try to return them to the rightful owners. He was always hunting though and he was a good friend to the original Peter Pan.

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