Simple Tattoo Sketches

Whether you’re just starting or an experienced artist, simple sketch-style tattoos are a great way to hone your dot work skills.  Additionally, these simplified designs make it simpler to draw clear pictures.


Ladybug tattoos are sweet and simple designs.  It does symbolize friendship and good luck.  But it’s also an inspiring symbol.

There are countless ladybug tattoo ideas, with various colors and designs to suit any taste or preference.

Kite Tattoo

Kites have long been associated with fun and adventure.  Making Tattoos of these flying toys is an excellent way to preserve a special memory from childhood.

A simple tattoo sketch of a kite can be just as beautiful and meaningful.  Something more detailed, depending on your preferences.  Many small Tattoos feature black and white with an outline.  But some also incorporate color.

Kites have long been used as symbols of intuition and power, and strategy in cultures where they have been employed for tactical or military purposes.  Kites may represent wisdom, might, and strategy when used this way.


A sunflower tattoo embodies femininity and significance.  This design fits perfectly into any Tattoo style with its symmetrical petals.

Sunflowers come in various hues, from vibrant yellows to deep reds and black.  Additionally, they hold special significance for different cultures around the world.

Music Notes

No matter your musical skill level or your admiration of music.  A simple tattoo sketch of a musical note will indeed express your affection.  You may also incorporate other symbols for added meaning.

The tattoo of a treble clef is one of the most iconic music symbols.  And if you’re looking for an easy-to-replicate design, this piece offers plenty of choices.  The artist uses clean, precise line work to recreate paper twisted into a treble clef perfectly.

Piano Keys

The piano is a timeless musical instrument with many symbolic meanings and associations.  For instance, it may signify love and passion for music.  And an upbeat outlook.


Constellations offer an exciting way to express yourself.  Especially for those seeking a connection with their zodiac signs.  Whether you opt for an astrological symbol or something more abstract, constellation tattoos can make beautiful and unique additions.


Face Tattoos are an excellent way to showcase your artistic talent.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone, and make a statement about yourself!

These designs can be created in black and white or a combination of both colors.  Depending on your personal preferences and level of artistry, these designs may be simple or complex.

Face tattoos were once taboo but have now become widely accepted by society.  Popular types of face tattoos include names and tribal imprints.

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