Small Ear Tattoos – How to Tattoo the Back of Your Ear

Tattooing behind your ears is a discreet way to add small designs without drawing attention.  You could also use this area to tell stories.  It’s with special symbols or designs.

Before booking an appointment for a tattoo, it’s essential to be aware of how painful these designs can be.  The ear is thin and delicate.  It’s making it vulnerable to injury or discomfort.

Minimalist Helix Tattoos

A tiny ear tattoo is an ideal way to adorn the helix area of your ears.  You can choose to hide it behind the lobe.  Or on the outer edge.

For subtlety and minimal visibility, black ink is the best choice.  This design will blend better with your natural ear color than bolder options.

Suppose you’re considering getting an ear tattoo.  Be aware it may cause some redness.  This is perfectly normal and shouldn’t alarm you.

Add charm and uniqueness to your helix with flowers.  These are ideal choices for our parents.  And those seeking a permanent accessory.

Flower Ear Tattoo

An ear design could be ideal if you’re partial to delicate floral designs.  But want something other than a full-on flower Tattoo.  A flower, star, cross, or anchor tattoo could look lovely in the small space behind your ear.

These straightforward inkings will draw the eye.  Yet won’t have the same risk of bleeding as more intricate pieces do.  You can add visual interest with inner inkings like yellow or lavender sprigs.

Another feminine design idea for the ears is butterflies.  They embody deep and meaningful symbolism.  It represents change, growth, and freedom.

Another popular Tattoo design is a tree silhouette.  It symbolizes knowledge and growth.  You can customize this design with words.  Or initials for a more meaningful tattoo.

Tree Ear Tattoos

Trees are revered as the epitome of nature.  And carry profound symbolic meanings in many cultures.  They serve as a testament to strength and endurance.

Additionally, trees are commonly seen as symbols of longevity and connection.  Therefore, to represent these values through body art.  Consider getting this tattoo behind your ear.

When selecting a Tattoo design for your ears, select it carefully.  And pick an attractive color.  Doing this will guarantee the longevity of the ink.

This design stands out among other types of ear tattoos.  It’s due to its delicate and small size, which can speak volumes about the wearer.

Mandala Ear Tattoos

Consider getting a mandala design for an elegant touch to your ear tattoo.  They come in various styles.  And can easily be integrated into any sleeve design.

Mandalas are often symmetrical and feature intricate patterns.  It makes them ideal for sleeve designs.  You can work them into different designs.  And colors to suit your taste, too!

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